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10 Weird Inventions to Make You Laugh

10 Weird Inventions to Make You Laugh

10 WEIRD INVENTION TO MAKE YOU LAUGH – There are some incredibly creative minds in the world that have resulted in innovative ways in which to make our lives a richer experience or indeed just a little bit easier – yes after all what good is a tin of delicious baked beans if you don’t have a can opener; I rest my case.

On the other end of the spectrum there are some incredibly weird minds out there that invent all manner of gadgets and novelty items that really don’t provide anything tangible other than giving the majority of us something to chuckle about.

OK, so I went searching and found a video (see above) which lists some of the world’s weirdest, or quite frankly insane, inventions.

Be warned there’s a little profanity in the narration but none of this is meant to be a serious look at inventions that could save mankind.

So what can you expect; well there’s the automatic dog poop collector; yes it’s basically a colostomy bag for your dog and if that doesn’t float your boat or bizwaggle or boggle then there’s always the failed external baby cage … oh just watch the video and sit back and have a few minutes of light relief.

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