14 Year Old Indian Girl Forced to Strip for Police to Prove Rape Allegation

14 YEAR OLD INDIAN GIRL FORCED TO STRIP FOR POLICE TO PROVE RAPE ALLEGATION – As India’s reputation as ‘rape capital of the world’ continues to grow yet another rape victim has highlighted the atrocities and indifference by Indian Police officers.

According to the reports a 14 year old girl in the Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh, entered a police station to report that she had been raped.

Her father was then asked for 50,000 rupees by police officers in order to initiate the investigation; a sum that he didn’t have and which was nothing less than a corrupt practice known widely in India.

14 Year Old Indian Girl Raped

The father’s protests however did result in police officers taking action and his 14 year old daughter was then taken into a room and ordered to strip naked in front of male officers so that they could determine if her allegations were true.

According to the Times of India the 14 year old girl was treated with suspicion and forcibly humiliated by local police officer.  Due to the amount of press coverage, by the Times of India and other news publications, the local police have now declared that they have made an arrest of the alleged rapist and are conducting a full investigation.

With campaigners of Women’s Rights gripping India over the treatment of women and the rising number of rapes, especially those carried out on underage girls, is providing even more fuel for their campaign.

Indian authorities have noted a growing issue with the crime of rape and indeed the National Crime Records Bureau has stated that it estimates one woman is raped in India every twenty minutes.

With growing public unrest on the number of rape cases being reported and the deplorable treatment of rape victims by the authorities the Government may well see an uprising if it is not able to take measures to reduce the levels of rape in the country.

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