14 Year Old Schoolboy Arrested After Vicious Attack on a Boy with Learning Difficulties

14 YEAR OLD SCHOOLBOY ARRESTED AFTER VICIOUS ATTACK ON A BOY WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES – Anyone living in Britain is fully aware that the UK has the highest violent crime rate in all of Europe; which continues to rise at an alarming rate.

A 14 year old schoolboy has just been arrested for what can only be described as a most vicious and heinous act imaginable – leveling is violence on a boy who has learning difficulties, and from the video is clearly unable or indeed unwilling to retaliate.

The video footage appeared firstly on Facebook and quickly spread to YouTube and other social networks.  The attacker, from Winifred Holtby School in Hull, East Yorkshire, can be seen repeatedly hitting the defenceless boy a number of times before finally head-butting him twice.

This vile and unwarranted attack has now gone viral on the social network with many people commenting that the attacker should face the inside of a juvenile prison.

It is clear from the video, and audio, that the victim did not want to fight and instead sat there trying to defend himself as best as possible throughout the vicious and unprovoked attack.

What worries me, at this point, is that Humberside Police did arrest the boy and interviewed him, and then allowed bail ‘without charges’.

According to reports from the local council, they stated that ‘Schools have powers to discipline actions such as these.’  What I would like to know exactly is what those powers of discipline are?  Certainly caning is out of the question and more the pity.

I simply do not understand what would drive any person, at any age, to launch such a vicious attack on someone that is clearly helpless.  Is this really the society that we have come to accept as the norm?

Call be draconian or medieval, it surely must be time to bring back Corporal Punishment so that this level of violence against the helpless can be dealt with in such an exacting way that this boy would never consider undertaking such a vile act against another human being again.

The old saying in my opinion is true… “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child.” Because in my day I wouldn’t have dared engage in such an act for the acknowledgement that the consequences of my actions would have been dire.

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