200 UK  Subway Stores Remove Bacon After Demands from Muslims

by Editor | May 1, 2014 4:14 am

200 UK SUBWAY STORES REMOVES BACON AFTER DEMANDS FROM MUSLIMS – The fast food giant, Subway,confirmed that it has removed both bacon and ham from its menu and that the 200 stores, out of 1,500, have now also switched to Halal meat alternatives in order to please their Muslim customers.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Subway has some 185 of its stores across the UK and Ireland now selling only Halal meat in order to appease to growing demand.

We’re sure this will cause some concern among certain quarters of society and no doubt we suspect there will be calls for a boycott on Subway; but before you make such a call there are a few things you must first consider.

The first thing to consider is that Subway is not a Government run entity; it is of course a company whose remit is to make a profit and all companies achieve this by supplying demand.

There is obviously a demand here for Subway has a responsibility to its shareholder and therefore in order to make a profit and keep shareholders happy the company is merely looking at demographics in order to determine which sector of society has the greatest demand for their products and therefore has adapted the product to fit that demographic.

The second issue here is one of our so-called cohesive society; you know the one that David Cameron and Nick Clegg so dearly love to talk about.  Yes the diversity is amazing but unfortunately it is far from being cohesive and this move by Subway is yet another clear indicator of just how divided or rather segmented British society has become.

At meebal.com we firmly believe that there should be no place for Halal meat in the UK; not because it is attached to the religion of Islam but rather because the practice in which animals are slaughtered is nothing short of barbaric.

We are not alone in our views, in fact the British Veterinary Society has called upon the Government to outlaw the practice but for the sake of religious sensitivity David Cameron has refused to take such action.

At meebal.com we are currently running a petition to have Halal meat banned in Britain; we believe that if the majority of British citizens call for its ban then the Government, under the principles of democracy, should outlaw the practice.

Whilst we appreciate why Subway has taken such action we do find it in part more than disturbing for Subway made one statement that is in our view wholly reprehensible, in that it ‘had to balance animal welfare concerns with the views of religious communities.’

In other words Subway will gladly forsake animal welfare in order to fuel the demand for its product so that greater profits could be attained by simply kow-towing to those who will use religion in order to justify an act of barbarism.

How barbaric is the slaughter of animals in order to produce Halal meat?  In order to give you the bigger picture we’ve included a video below.  WARNING!!! The video is EXTREMELY disturbing and many of you will find it almost impossible to watch, so please proceed with caution if you decided to view the video.

At meebal.com we often talk about democracy and to allow people from all ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs the fundamental principle of living their lives as they see fit.

However, democracy is not about the minority, it’s about the majority; something people and certainly the Government appear to have either forgotten or now conveniently ignore so as not to cause offense to any particular group within society.

Society clearly has a choice but if we continue to allow minority rule it will continue to divide the nation and with it destroy the very fabric of society.

There are those who would rather democracy were killed off altogether so that they could further perpetrate their ideologies, both religious and cultural, upon the majority; this of course results in a society transcending from a democracy into totalitarianism.

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