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4 Year Old Boy Dies in Hospital Due to Neglect

4 Year Old Boy Dies in Hospital Due to Neglect

4 YEAR OLD BOY DIES IN HOSPITAL DUE TO NEGLECT – 4 year old Sean Turner was born with a heart defect in which doctors corrected during surgery at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

After surgery his parents, Steve and Yolanda Turner, claim that Sean was moved out of intensive care too soon due to a shortage of beds.

Steve and Yolonda Turner - Parents of Sean Turner who Died in Hospital Due to Neglect

During the next few days the neglect was so bad that Sean restored to sucking on ‘wet wipes’ in order to obtain fluid.

Sean tragically passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest in his father’s arms as a result of a brain haemorrhage.

Read full story … Daily Mail says…

We’ve lost count as to the number of articles written about the state of the NHS over the past year; in fact it appears that not a day goes by without yet another incident occurring; often resulting in the loss of life.

As humans we accept mistakes are made due to our fallible nature and we also accept that some people pass away as a result.

However, when we lose a child through negligence it has a profound impact, for no child should ever be subjected to such inconsistencies in medical treatment that puts their lives at risk.

I could sit here all day long trying to imagine the pain Steve and Yolanda are going through but realistically that’s not possible. Yes, we can sympathise but never truly understand for only when placed in such a devastating predicament, that no parent should ever face, can we truly understand the overwhelming loss.

What’s wrong with the NHS?  Why has our beloved NHS fallen into such a state of disrepair that a child’s life can ebb away in a hospital ward without anyone recognising the signs?

It is clear from our standpoint that the HNS has gone beyond the breaking point, for once patients such as Sean are allow to perish then it’s time to acknowledge the failings and set about putting right the wrong.

The NHS, as an institution, can perform and do so to the highest standards but to achieve this we must start removing the vast numbers of administrators that take up valuable cash resources that could be used to provide a far better standard of care.

It’s time the likes of David Cameron was held fully accountable over his stance on protecting Sir David Nicholson after whistleblowers revealed that over 1,200 patients died needlessly at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital in which Sir David was in full control.

Recently the Honours List was published and on that list was Julie Bailey, a daughter of one of the victim of Mid-Staffordshire; her campaigning, along with other evidence provided by nurse Helene Donnelly, led to the closure of Mid-Staffordshire.

As the Honours List was published a number of people took to Facebook and Twitter and blasted both Julie Bailey and Helene Donnelly as vile individuals who have deprived the town of a hospital.

The identity of those vile rants where revealed as those working in the hospitals administration and one even from Chris (Christine) Baron; this being the same Christine Baron who was on the councils ‘Health Scrutiny Committee’ and was subsequently relieved of her position after the committee continuously overlooked the failings of the trust.


Julie Bailey NHS Whistleblower Subject to Vile Online Abuse Over Being Awarded a CBE

The question of whether the NHS is broken no longer needs to be explored for the truth is clear in that with the passing of Sean Turner.

Surely now the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt can see that the NHS can no longer continue in its current state and that applying a band aid to a gaping wound won’t solve the problems.

It’s time the NHS faced a radical overhaul starting from the very top and working its way down so that the NHS is managed by a very few highly competent team members who can work alongside doctors and nurses in order to provide a first class health care service that the taxpaying public rightly deserve.

In our view the loss of Sean Turner goes beyond a mere tragedy and enters the realm of negligence on a scale that should not be conceivable.

At we would call upon our readers to stand up and in Sean’s memory force this Government to make the necessary changes before yet another innocent life is condemned to neglect that leaves yet another family facing a lifetime of grief from which they will never truly recover.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Steve and Yolanda Turner.

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