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4 Year Old Jihadist Captured on Camera Using an AK-47

4 Year Old Jihadist Captured on Camera Using an AK-47

4 YEAR OLD JIHADIST CAPTURED ON CAMERA USING AN AK-47 – In what can only be described as one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever witnessed, here is a 4 year old boy being taught ‘hate’ through a religious indoctrination that purports to be one of ultimate peace.

From the video above the child can be seen opening fire no less than two times with squeals of delight from his indoctrinators and in his innocent ignorance screams ‘Allah Akbar’… ‘God is Great’.

4 Year old Al Qeada Jihadist - Image 1

No child is born with hate in their heart. Hatred is a seed that must be planted by the hateful and it must be nurtured if it is to grow; it is unquestionable that those teaching this child to hate have but one goal and that would be to ultimately sacrifice his life for their extremist religious beliefs.

If ever there was an atrocity levelled against another human being, and indeed humanity, none could be more sinister than coaxing a child to hate to the point whereby they would gladly kill others; even if that means taking their own lives in process.

4 Year old Al Qeada Jihadist - Image 2

The place of course is Syria, the organisation is Al Qaeda and as they press harder to overthrow Bashar Al Assad it is now apparent Al Qaeda are prepared to go to any measures in order to secure victory and subject Syrians to a life of subservience to the extremist Islamic faith.

This is not the first time I have written such an article. Take a look at the article below for yet again it clearly shows how Islamic fundamentalists are taking children and twisting their minds so that they become jihadists.


The Video Muslims Do NOT Want You See

We already have clear evidence that it is almost impossible to rehabilitate those indoctrinated into Islamic religious extremism; despite the on-going efforts of the British Authorities attempting such, many experts have now come to the conclusion that such an exercise is proving fruitless regardless to the costs.


Efforts to Reform Islamic Terrorists Failing

Want a Peaceful World? Ban Religion

From the footage there can be no question that this provides yet more evidence on how Al Qaeda, along with other known Islamic terrorist organisations, are grooming children to become murderers and martyrs to their cause.

Such a move only supports other evidence that Al Qaeda simply wants to establish a Taliban style Islamic state in Syria and this is being perpetrated through the use of innocent children.

From the video it is clear that the child doesn’t appear to be Middle Eastern by birth and counter-terrorist organisations believe that the boy is the son of a jihadist from Albania and is just one of the thousands of foreign nationals who have travelled to Syria in order to fight alongside Al Qaeda.

As you can see by the video below, taken just two weeks ago in Syria, the 4 year old boy is not alone for again we have video evidence of a child being taught to wield a gun in the name of Allah.

Last night the week-long peace talks in Geneva collapsed as neither the Syrian Rebels nor the Syrian Government would concede to the demands from one another.

President Bashar Al Assad last night refused to commit as to whether he would return to the UN negotiation table within the next 10 days after Syrian Rebels openly accused him of prolonging the bloodbath of Syria’s civil war.

Since March 2011 more than 130,000 lives have been claimed in the conflict; during the peace talks some activists claimed that over 1,900 were killed whilst they were sitting around the table negotiating peace.

Considering all we know, regarding the fact that chemical weapons were used, although it is not clear by which side, the fact that innocent people are being murdered and finally children are being abused on the most heinous of levels, is it time the West move in?

The answer unfortunately is ‘no’ and for a number of reasons.  At the first instance we are aware that engaging in missile strikes will only cause the deaths of more innocent people.

The West has also been warned that such an act would result in military action being taken by Russia and Iran.

On the other side of the coin is the fact that unseating Bashar Al Assad would only see him being replaced by Al Qaeda terrorists – what is worse a murdering dictator or a bunch of murdering Islamic extremists?

I’ve heard suggestions that missile strikes are not the answer but rather Special Forces should infiltrate Syria and systematically execute Assad and Al Qaeda forces.

Again it might appear to be a noble and righteous thing to do, especially in the light of what has been uncovered here.  However as we have learned from Iraq and Afghanistan these people cannot be subdued, they cannot be reasoned with and they will continue to form pockets of jihad resistance in order to continue their agenda for Islamic supremacy in the world.

In my view, if the Western nations were serious about ending this and all other Islamic atrocities then they would move to ban religion altogether and systematically tear down every Mosque, Church and Synagogue; for as long as religion is allowed to breed and fester in the minds of the weak there will never be peace.

Maybe, considering that Al Qaeda have stated that they want the Middle East free from Western influence, it’s time that not only did we ban religion but also systematically deport all Muslims; after all according to them they would then be able to live a life in a sovereign state that supports such a religion and supports Sharia Law.

I fail to see how this would or indeed could be challenged or opposed for we would be giving them back their homelands and providing them with a lifestyle choice in they feel that murdering people for is righteous.

The rise of Islamic hatred is growing and none more so within our own borders; we do have a choice but it will mean turning our backs on the ideology of liberal tolerance which would remove the veil of a multicultural cohesive society and allow us to understand fully that whilst it might be unkind, even a little inhumane to deport people on such grounds, it can be nowhere near as heinous as teaching a child to hate to such a degree where they become willing to sacrifice their lives and the lives of other innocent people simply too appease the fanatics.

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