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48 Per Cent of Women Would Rather Give up Sex than their Phones

48 Per Cent of Women Would Rather Give up Sex than their Phones

48 PER CENT OF WOMEN WOULD RATHER GIVE UP SEX THAN THEIR PHONE – Not tonight dear I’ve got Wi-Fi… we’ll it’s far more creative than the usual headache but according to a new survey 48 per cent of the women it surveyed said they would choose their phones over sex if it came down to having to make such a choice.

Women and Mobile Phone Use

One of the questions posed was… ‘If you have to give up sex or your phone for one month which would you choose?’  Sorry guys, but 48 per cent decided their iPhone or Andriod was far more important; in fact one in twenty even admitted to sleeping with their phones.

Another trend is the growing use of Facebook, and it so important that many of the women surveyed are buying waterproof cases just so they can check their Facebook accounts whilst in the bath or shower.

Researchers noted just how the developments of communications technology has changed our lives with some worrying that we appear more interested in other people’s lives than we do our partners.

The study revealed how we are becoming more and more dependent and the loss of an iPhone or Android can be more devastating than losing a loved one.

The issue appears to be that we have become so dependent on these devices that we feel almost naked and vulnerable without them.

The survey consisted of 3,583 women over 30 years of age and asked a number of questions regarding their mobile phone habits – it appears that women can increasingly do without male companionship but certainly not their phones.

Usage of mobile phones has certainly increased; survey also revealed that 76 per cent checked their phones at least once an hour and 50 per cent of those couldn’t go more than 15 minutes without checking to see if they had missed a call, text message or update from one of their many social network accounts.

Of the 3,583 women surveyed a staggering 27 per cent openly admitted to being addicted to their mobile phones.

It appears strange that many cannot really remember a time without the internet and certainly wouldn’t want to live in a world without internet access; over 70 per cent of those surveyed said they wouldn’t ever want to live without having the ability to connect to the internet.

There are concerns from psychologists who feel that the internet and especially the social networks is almost like a drug and users will engage in almost any form of activity and conversation just so they feel part of a group.

Social network has become, for many, a way of getting a fix and in recent experiments people who turned off their mobile devices quickly showed signs of withdrawal; almost akin to a drug addict going cold turkey.

I’m not sure what to read into this survey for I find it very disturbing.  We humans have only managed to climb to the top of the food chain due to our ability to communicate.

Unfortunately that communication appears to becoming less and less constructive and I often dismay over the amount of pure garbage my friends chat about on the social networks; it’s as if they are in denial that humanity is falling apart and would rather engage in idle gossip and banter in order to block out the real issues.

Like many people, I have a laptop, a desktop computer and indeed an iPhone.  The laptop is reserved for work whilst traveling, the desktop computer remains my work horse and as for my iPhone, well that’s 6 years old and rarely gets used – I never browse the web on my iPhone as I still prefer a large screen; that’s probably old age as my eye-sight isn’t what it used to be.

I have to admit I do find it disturbing when out with friends for a drink or dinner and invariably the conversation is rudely interrupted by the ringing or bleeping of mobile phones with a plethora of calls and alerts from social networks informing the receipt that someone has just changed their underwear.

The internet and indeed mobile devices are certainly a good thing but maybe it’s time we took a step back and put things in perspective – personally I would rather spend time with the person I love than engaging in nonsensical chit-chat on Facebook; yes I’m probably now one of the weird minority who feels real human interaction is necessary for our species.

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  • nacho

    I think the 48% are just not getting f***** properly!

  • Dee

    Seems to me, another issue is the measuring of one’s personal worth by every friend’s post and likes/comments made on our own posts–I’ve seen friends go through rapid mood changes depending on what they see on their phones.
    Giving up intimacy for a phone seems ludicrous, but so does the “BOF-battery operated friend” so many women seem to have. This loss of personal contact is making us a society of mindless drones.