£6 Million EU Funded Teen Party… Whatever Next?

by Editor | May 11, 2014 4:21 am

£6 MILLION EU FUNDED TEEN PARTY… WHATEVER NEXT? – With a £20 billion budget overspend and auditors that refuse to sign off on the EU’s annual accounts you might think that those in the EU would rein in their stupidity… alas it is unequivocal that those running the EU are not only clueless, backed up by the fact they are all failed politicians in their own countries, they simply treat the taxpayer with complete and utter contempt.

According to the EU commissioners the 3-Day European Union Youth Event, held in Strasbourg, is designed to teach young people ‘EU values’… we have to ask if these include corruption, the merits of a despot totalitarian regime, the murder of democracy and the insidious take-over of sovereign nations?

Yes for those who truly understand the EU all these are apparently clear and in the process those controlling the EU continuously engage in financially raping the taxpayer that is effectively legalised through individual EU member states; yes those politicians really do know how to steal vast quantities of your money and in the process, through your vote, make it perfectly legal.

171… that’s the number of pages in an information book that each of the 5,000 attendees, ranging from the ages of 16 to 30, have received; it’s a book that details what is and what is not appropriate behaviour during the event and clearly states that individuals should not engage in any ‘sexual activities’ unless all parties consent to it.

The edict of the EU is crystal clear… Do not engage in any sexual activities without obtaining explicit and informed consent of all persons present. Yes it’s suggesting that written consent should be obtained and therefore contracts drafted.

If you’re shaking your head in disbelief at this juncture then I’m afraid it doesn’t get any better for you have to acknowledge the fact that at present the youth unemployment rates are fast approaching 60% across Greece and Spain and as one UKIP member points out;

“Brussels bureaucrats have a knack of spending millions on a propaganda event to make young people love the EU when youth unemployment is reaching 60 per cent in Greece and Spain. It is a scandalous waste of money.” Paul Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader

Yes Mr. Nuttall and this is precisely why David Cameron and his poodle, Nick Clegg, will be shown the door at the outcome of the 2015 General Election.

Considering current public sentiment it would take nothing short of a miracle to see David Cameron win the 2015 General Election; unfortunately if the British public don’t come to their senses then Ed Miliband will come to power and at that point Britain will be sold off lock, stock and barrel to the EU and the Unions; both of which are primarily the same in that they intend to rule with totalitarian authority and where democracy will be assigned to the history books.

We strongly suspect that the British voting public are not as dim-witted as the politicians think they are; oh yes they will continue to feed us with all manner of flowery rhetoric but all those promises and all those beautifully rounded words in their manifestos won’t amount to diddly once installed into power.

As for the EU, well it is what it is… a criminal organisation set up by despot politicians who simple cannot abide the notion of free-will under a system of democracy.

This is crystal clear, it’s not a conspiracy theory, it is cold hard facts and the longer the EU is allowed to manipulate EU member states through the introduction of volumes of insidious legislation and directives, the more control they will obtain until they able to rule with complete and unbridled obedience.

If you ever thought that the Third Reich was defeated in the Second World you would be wrong for it is alive, well and thriving in the EU Parliament and none who control it will be happy until the United States of the European Union is complete and that all sovereign nations currently holding EU membership are fully absorbed.

How much longer must we suffer the EU movement?  How much longer should we allow a totalitarian regime, no better than that of North Korea, dictate our future?

It is time for an EU Referendum and the British public needs now to take a stand and refuse to vote in the 2015 General Election for any political party that would deny them their democratic right to call for Britain’s EU membership to be relinquished and in the process put full control of Britain’s future in the hands of a Government controlled by the democratic wishes of the people.

Have your say… If you were given an EU Referendum would you vote to pull out?  Leave your comments below.

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