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8 Year Old Suicide Bomber Captured in Afghanistan

8 Year Old Suicide Bomber Captured in Afghanistan

8 YEAR OLD SUICIDE BOMBER CAPTURED IN AFGHANISTAN – An 8 year old girl has been captured by Afghanistan police as she attempted to detonate a suicide vest outside a police station in the Hemland province.

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What kind of sick, demented animal could possibly indoctrinate a child to the concept that blowing herself up and hopefully killing others in the process is an act in accordance with Holy Scripture?

Ah, yes that would be the self righteous Islamic extremists; or in plain words, the cowards.

Not only was the girl, named Spozhmay, just 8 years of age but she is believed to be the sister of a local Taliban commander; such an association simply provides more evidence of  how evil the religion of Islam is and how it must at all costs be stamped out.

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For those of you who are family with we have often stated that all religion is predominately evil and until religion is banned there will never be peace in the world. If you need evidence as to why religion should be banned read … Want Peace? Ban Religion

Regardless of anyone’s feeble minded indoctrination into religion, especially of the Islamic religion, where it is clear there is no sanctity or respect for life, there can never be justification for a sect to willingly brainwash a child into what is nothing short of a cowardly and heinous act.

The underlying problem is our willingness to accept religion; even if there is no proof of a higher power.

The second problem, despite the atrocity of this particular case and many like it, is our unwillingness to deal with the this issue effectively; that is we continue to let them live among us and indoctrinate others into their hate filled rhetoric, the result of which becomes evident when you realise the gravity in this latest atrocity, for despite her attempts being foiled does in no way detract from the velocity of the crime.

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As I sit here filled with rage, I wonder how long humanity, for the want of a better word, will continue to turn a blind eye and allow the continuation of such atrocities; both at home and in foreign lands.

Can we as a responsible society live with the notion that this evil religion is allowed to fester like a cancer without treating the patient?

There are those of course who will attempt to remove themselves from the association but as time goes by with ever increasing acts of violence in the name of Allah, maybe it’s time western nations stood up and declared no more.

It is clear that such actions are born from the hatred and vile that spills from the lips of people like Anjem Choudary who are willing to sacrifice anyone but themselves. Of course Anjem Choudary is not alone, the British Intelligence Services recently announced no less than 25 Islamic extremists were on their high-profile ‘watch list’.

Maybe it’s time we took the war to where it belongs and systematically remove the evil and in the name of saving innocent children such as Spozhmay from being used and mentally abused until she is finally led out like a lamb to slaughter to do the bidding of the cowards.

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