85 Year Old Blind Grandmother Murdered for Her Purse

85 YEAR OLD BLIND GRANDMOTHER MURDERED FOR HER PURSE – A frail 85 year old lady, Paula Castle, was attacked, robbed and murdered by two delinquents.  Before I go further I want you to take a moment and take a good long hard look at the victim.

A frail 85 year old lady, Paula Castle, was attacked, robbed and murdered by two delinquents.  Before I go further I want you to take a moment and take a good long hard look at the victim.

For those of you who don’t know my style of writing let me enlighten you a little.  I write about topical news articles that I feel are important; generally highlighting the injustice.  However I refuse to just report the news, for me that is cowardly and detached; I prefer to give you my honest and open personal view.  So let me continue…

Now that you have seen the victim let’s have a good look at the murderers.

Nayed Hoque - Murderer Nayed Hoque - Murderer

Left: Nayed Hoque | Right: Jiervon Bartlett

There are no words that can describe anyone who would attack a frail 85 year old blind woman just in the pursuit of financial gain. Society and those in it simply should never stoop to such depths where even the mere thought of it would be a possibility.

Unfortunately these two are a product of a society that refuses to open its eyes and see crime for what it truly is; a cancer that is slowing eating away at society and while treatment is available it is denied and in turn condemning society to its own demise.

The two youths attacked Mrs. Castle in an alleyway not far from her home in Greenford, West London.  After pushing Mrs. Castle to the ground they stole her purse and ran off.  Fortunately for the authorities Nayed Hoque and his friend Jiervon Bartlett where caught on CCTV.

Mrs. Castle suffered from massive brain haemorrhaging and died a few hours later in hospital; never having regained consciousness from her attack.

Yesterday during the trial for the youths, both of whom are just 15 years of age, it was revealed that both have a long history of violent crimes, including robbery, kidnap and assault.  It was also revealed that the day after murdering Mrs. Castle they also attacked another elderly person, Rose Mohamed, 75, in which the pair managed to steal £120 and used her credit cards to buy a pizza and mobile phone credits.

With little remorse Nayed Hoque and his friend Jiervon Bartlett were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 6 years.

You might be wondering why only 6 years and really that’s what most law abiding citizens will find so offensive about this case.  The truth is that while I have stated this was murder, it is in fact the crime of manslaughter under Criminal Law.  This is because the act was not premeditated and therefore the lesser charge of Manslaughter was applied; which both the defendants pleaded guilty to.

Can anyone please provide me with any reason why these two should not be swinging at the end of a rope?  Does anyone honestly think that giving these two animals time in prison will allow for reform and in a period of just 6 years?  While the sentence may be 6 years the stark truth is that these bastards will be on the streets in less than 3 years.

If anyone actually bothered to read this article and stare into the face of Mrs. Castle I would dare them to challenge me that the death penalty should not be reinstated.  For these two I would happily pull the lever and watch them dangle in with the knowledge that real justice had been served and with a clear conscience knowing they’ll never have the opportunity to hurt another human being.

So… tell me we do not need the Death Penalty… I dare you.  Tell me that the UK’s judicial system isn’t completely broken and tied up with left-wing views that people, like these two, are victims of society and lost souls who are simply deprived of any real opportunity.


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You might be thinking that my view of justice is draconian and yet the so-call liberal justice system has never shown any signs that reform works or provides a civilized society.

How often must we read and be horrified of such cowardly and heinous acts as these before we finally wake up and understand that change needs to be made in order to provide justice for the victim and safety for the public?

While I, like anyone else, is completely and utterly horrified by this murder, I find it even more offensive that the British public are almost obtuse to the obvious fact that the system we have doesn’t work.

The public needs safety on the streets and free from the barbaric acts of others and therefore in order to achieve this we must enact into law a penalty so severe that anyone taking the life of another unlawfully should be put to death and in doing so pay the ultimate price for the crime.

I often hear about people asking as to whether we can justify bringing back the death penalty and yet what we should be asking is whether we can justify NOT bringing back the death penalty.

Finally for all those left-wing bleeding liberal hearts who will no doubt tell me that these two boys are only 15 years of age and that their circumstances lead them to their actions, let me add this. Your very view is the reason these two will get away with murder. These two, as with all youths, are afforded with no end of opportunities and in fact society looks after them from cradle to grave through the social welfare system.

What these two youth did was unquestionably indefensible in the eyes of any rational human being and therefore the only real solution is to permanently remove them from society if a civilized society is what people want to create.

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