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A Call to Boycott the Russian Winter Olympics

A Call to Boycott the Russian Winter Olympics


A CALL TO BOYCOTT THE RUSSIAN OLYMPICS – Holding the Winter Olympics is a highly prestigious accolade for any country and if managed correctly extremely profitable.

This time round it’s Russia who is to play host to the world’s people but there is rising concern that not only is Sochi being besieged by acts of terrorism but it also appears as if the Russian Government would rather the games be sectarian.

The issue is of course that of welcoming all people, regardless of race, religion, culture and sexuality.

From the recent remarks from Vladimir Putin it is evident that Russia remains a largely homophobic nation where lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) people are not welcome.

How bad is the situation?  From the deplorable acts in the video above it is evident that gay rights are not even recogonised let alone practiced.

The video above was originally released by the Human Rights Watch group who have continuously investigated and compiled a string of abuses on those being active or supporting LGBT rights.

Human Rights Watch has again called upon the Russian authorities to take action in what is becoming a worsening and widespread situation of sectarian violence again LBGT people.

We are but a few days from the start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and maybe it’s time the people of the world united and sent Russia a clear and decisive message in that such violence against any person, of any persuasion, will not be tolerated; by boycotting the Winter Olympic this would send the ultimate message.

Whilst Russia continues to face fierce criticism over the heinous violence towards LBGT individuals ahead of the games it appears these have been largely ignored and whilst the Russian authorities have the power to protect their rights they instead turn a blind eye to the violence due to their ignorance.

Some within the Human Rights Watch have stated that the Russian authorities are sending a dangerous message in that it is acceptable to attack gay people.

Within the video the Human Rights Watch talk of a website that has been set up by anti-gay activists that then lure gay people into bogus dates.  After they capture their victims they then subject them to death threats, violence and extreme humiliation.

We’ve all heard of the Anonymous Group; those who hack and take down websites for the so-called greater good.  Maybe it’s time that this or a similar group took a stand and united in helping gay people around the world by removing such websites.

Yes everyone has the right to freely express their opinions, as I and others do on, but certainly we do not call for violence upon another just because of their cultural, religious or indeed sexual preference; there has to be a limit and our humanity should ultimately control such.

A number of victims in cities throughout Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg have told Human Rights Watch activists of the violence and how they are often attacked openly in public places, abducted, beaten, harassed, issued with death threats and psychologically abused.

As for the police… that too appears nothing more than a waste of time for the police often refused to pursue any cases where a homosexual has faced abuse.

Such is the face of pure homophobia which leads me to wonder whether those perpetrating the violence have an issue with their own sexual identity.

It has of course been explored as to whether Vladimir Putin is gay; an issue that has been met with feverous denials by Mr. Putin and his aides.

What is truly disturbing is the lack of activity from the Russian authorities and law enforcement for a number of vile websites exist with what are little more than neo-Nazi fascists making videos of torturing gay people; often the perpetrator don’t even bother to hide their identity.

Such can only lead to the conclusion that they either feel immune from the law or in fact their actions are condoned by the law.

We clearly have a choice in my view… people around the world can support Russia and its Winter Olympic Games or they can make a stand on humanitarian grounds and refuse to attend an event in a country that is prepared to allow some to openly hunt down and attack innocent people with impunity simply because of the sexual persuasion.

The choice of course is yours and such is a matter for your own conscience but I for one refuse to be a part of something that benefits a nation whilst it continues to engage in human rights abuses and to such a heinous level.

If sufficient people took a stand and boycotted the Russian Winter Olympics due to this issue then maybe we can effect positive change; until then we will remain segregated and such abuse will continue to be widely propagated.

Again, the choice is yours.

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