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A Mother’s Love – Humanity At Its Best

A Mother’s Love – Humanity At Its Best

A MOTHER’S LOVE – HUMANITY AT ITS BEST – We’ve all go pretty busy lives; I for one would like the day to be extended to at least another 24 hours.

Unfortunately we can’t extend the day but we can however make the most of a day and in this 7 minute video I assure you that watching it will probably be the best 7 minutes you’ll have all day.

The video is based upon a true story that not only depicts the love a mother has for her child but truly defines humanity.

This is a woman who keeps a secret, a secret not to protect her dignity or how she is perceived by her peers but solely to protect her child from being looked upon as somehow different; an outcast if you will.

Watch the video and remember that humanity comes from our ability to do the right thing for the right reasons.

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A Mother’s Love