A Nation of Cowards for Failing to Address Islamic Issues

by Editor | April 26, 2014 7:58 am

A NATION OF COWARDS FOR FAILING TO ADDRESS ISLAMIC ISSUES –Ask a liberal and they’ll tell you that your silence, that is not speaking out against the rise of Islam, is testament to your ability to rise above it and cements your tolerance for the so-called religion of peace.

Ask Pat Condell and he’ll tell you that your silence is a direct result of cowardice and that by staying silent for the sake of religious sensitivity and community cohesion, you condone the constant calls from Muslim fanatics to strip away your rights by allowing their religious ideology to take hold in a country where it clearly does not belong.

The British public certainly are a tolerant bunch; after all we have to be for we often live in fear from the reprisals of being ostracised by the liberals for being racist or bigoted or face the very real threat of religious terrorism.

In the video below Pat Condell, an outspoken critic of Muslims, Religion and the Media, gives his views why the media continuously shy away from berating the Muslim community and the hateful religion they peddle.

Yes, we at meebal.com have no such fears, in fact our job is not to offend but rather to tell the truth, create debate and address the issues in an open and honest way.

Certainly there are going to be a number of people who read this and condemn it as a racist attack; of course they are the people who are simply too frightened to openly explore the social issues we continuously face and who will ultimately, if they have their way, allow Britain to be turned into an Islamic state.

If such occurs then Sharia Law will be imposed and you can then forget any notion of equality or diversity for women will not be allowed to drive cars, they’ll have to be covered from head to toe so that their modesty is protected and any homosexuals will be hunted down and killed.

At meebal.com we advocate a peaceful solution and the solution lies within open and honest dialogue that doesn’t allow the liberal progressive to condemn us as racists or bigots simply because they fear religious repercussions that inevitably follow any form of criticism.

At this point in time we still thankfully live in a democracy but that is being stripped away piece by piece and the longer we stay silent the worse it will get.

We often hear the word ‘respect’ being bandied around but again we feel it is not respectful for some quarters of the Muslim community to want to change British culture or its heritage and it’s about time the media got on-board and condemned all those responsible for attempting such.

If you haven’t yet watched the video above, we suggest you do but prepare yourself for some real home truths.

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