A Simple Solution to UK Immigrant Problems

A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO UK IMMIGRANT PROBLEMS – It’s a daily affair to read news on how Romanians and Bulgarians are readying themselves for January 2014, when the EU’s Right of Free Movement takes effect.

There is heated debate at Whitehall over the up and coming speech that David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, is about to give to its European Partners.

The stark truth, as most British nationals know, is that many of them will not head to Germany, France or any other EU member state, but will instead opt for the UK, were housing, welfare, education, healthcare and other benefits await them.

Does David Cameron really care?  At least in part he does, but that part has no consideration for the British people.

David Cameron’s only interest is getting re-elected in 2015, which is why he has promised the British public a referendum on pulling out of the EU if he is re-elected.

This is nothing short of blackmail and if David Cameron had even the slightest concern for the British people he would call a referendum before 2014 so that the British people could pull out of Europe and firmly slam the doors shut.

The Government continues to dodge any questions on its estimates of how many Romanians or Bulgarians will enter the UK once the new laws take effect.  I would strongly suspect that this is due to the fact that they just don’t have a clue.

What we do know is that there are approximately 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians that will be allowed to walk freely into the UK and be entitled to all the social care we offer our citizens.

Think about this sensibly for just one moment… If you were poor, living in a complete hell hole, no work, no food and no real prospects of a future and then someone opened a door to Utopia, would you walk through it?  Of course you would and that is exactly what these people are going to do.

What is even more frightening is that the Taxpayer is already over burdened, although you wouldn’t think it considering the Government squanders billions on Foreign Aid each year and our Ministers are living the high life on Wine and Champagne at the taxpayers’ expense.Cameron Vows to Restrict Immigrants Entering the UK Seeking Benefits - Once again the Prime Minister is on the TV spouting how he intends to protect the UK.

So what is the solution?  It’s really very simple:

Hold a referendum on the EU right now.  If the British people vote to pull out then that should be the end of it.  The British citizen would at least be no longer under threat from invasion of the poorest EU member states.

Next step would be to hold a referendum on the scraping of the Human Rights Act 1998.  This is the reason why the Home Office is unable to deport anyone, even those who have committed the most heinous crimes.

Note carefully that I said ‘Hold a Referendum’ on both issues.  The UK is supposed to be a democracy and therefore it should be a democratic vote.

If the majority of the UK citizens vote to stay in the EU and keep the Human Rights Act then so be it, but I would strongly suspect that the votes would exceed 85% on both counts of pulling out of the EU and scraping the Human Rights Act.

Remember this simple fact … When the dust settles and the UK is overrun with immigrants, the country is finally and irrevocably bankrupt and that every home becomes a prison due to uncontrollable crime, it will not be the likes of David Cameron who will suffer.

Like Tony Blair, David Cameron would have left the UK to live in some other country where he will live a life of complete luxury while the rest of us and left holding the bag.

The British citizen is running out of time.  What really needs to happen is that the people force David Cameron to step down and replace him with a leader who will give the democratic power to the people through a series of referendums.

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  • mike

    Completely agree with the article, the UK has always been a soft touch, not to it’s citizens but for arriving foreigners, those foreigners are now in positions where they are generous to other foreigners but as a UK citizen, born and bred, I am in the minority and treated poorly when in comparison to a foreigner. The ex eastern block countries will invade and take over our country in just a few years unless the government are forced by it’s “real citizens” to say NO to the referendums, we want out of the EU and scrap the human right’s. We must stand up and be heard, demonstrate and if needed force the government to act on our behalf, we want the UK back!!!