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It's about news and what's happening now.Introduction is about sharing news and other topical information.  It’s about creating a different view point on perceptions and opinions on a whole plethora of issues, from News, Movies, Music, Technology, Art, Humor, and pretty much anything else you can think of that is happening now.

The whole ideas is to allow you to read and comment on what is important to you and tell the world what you think or what you have discovered.

We believe that you should have your say and that freedom of speech is not a privilege but a right.  We believe everyone has rights and should be allow to engage in healthy debate and discuss which we openly support.

We, as humans will never agree on everything.  In fact most of us have differing options and views on almost every subject and that’s what makes us all unique.  Remember just because you do not agree doesn’t mean someone should not be allowed to have their say.

We like things that are NOT sugar coated, ye we like things to be delivered in a factual way and with openness and honesty.  If you would like to become one of our valued contributors and write articles on a regular basis please contact us with your request and if approved we’ll set you up with your own account.


What is is a fledgling news and topical article blog based on people’s opinions – that’s real people.  Its goal is to provide information on a whole range of topics that is current and relevant.  We promote good healthy debate and views on the news and what is currently interesting to you and our growing readership.  We want you to express your opinions and we want you to tell us and the world what you know, what you have discovered and how you feel about it.


Getting Heard…

Anyone is welcome to submit their opinion on a particular news article or other topical issue.  This can be done is two ways, one by simply leaving your opinion on an article already published or by posting your opinion on a subject you want covering – for more information on posting your opinion click here.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us


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