Abu Qatada Family Leave the UK for Jordan

ABU QATADA FAMILY LEAVE THE UK FOR JORDAN – Abu Qatada, a known Al Qaeda hate preacher, was recently deported back to his native country of Jordan after the Home Office struggled for 10 years to deport him.

The Home Secretary's bid to deport Abu Qatada has failed in the Supreme Court due to Human Rights legislation. The Prime Minister is now considering temporarily pulling out of the European Court on Human Rights in order to get him deported.

The taxpayer, whilst relieved to be rid of him, still faced the unpleasant truth that his wife and five children were likely to be living their continued taxpayer funded lifestyle and yet yesterday Qatada’s wife and children all left permanently for Jordan.


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It is reported that the flight tickets home cost the taxpayer yet more money but the one-way flight tickets would at least save the taxpayer from having to fund their lifestyle in the UK which has already cost the taxpayer, in the last 10 years, over £½ million; which didn’t including the £3 million in legal aid costs that prevented the Home Office from deporting Abu Qatada.

This is being seen as a major victory for the Home Secretary, Theresa May, but the situation was only prevalent because the Government refused to change the Human Rights Act and more importantly pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) which was mostly responsible for blocking Abu Qatada’s deportation.

This is certainly good news for the British taxpayer however there is a twist. Two of Qatada’s children were born in the UK and therefore have British passports.  If either decided to return then under the current Human Rights Act and ECHR it would be impossible to deny them or their parents entry as under Article 8 they are entitled to the ‘right of family life’.

Hard working taxpayer’s will no doubt feel some sense of relief and even justice but until we make a number of significant and critical changes to the Human Rights Act and ECHR then Britain and the British taxpayer will continue to be vulnerable to abuse.

Do you think the Government should change or scrap the Human Rights Act?  Do you think Britain should pull out of the ECHR? Please leave your comments below.

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