We publish a vast amount of content on a variety of subjects that continues to attract an every growing audience.  In order to help you reach that audience we offer a number of ways you can get your marketing message across to our visitors.

Article Advertisement

Our readers love to immerse themselves within the articles that we produce and therefore publishing an article which details the products for services you offer is the ultimate way to get our readers attention, don’t get caught up in the hard-sell; what our readers want is useful, inspiring and engaging content.

With article advertising we focus on the informative and the entertaining that leaves our readers wanting to know more about what you have to offer.

Article advertising is not about back-links, this is not our remit and research clearly indicates that articles written with the sole remit of obtaining a back-link is weak, resulting in little or no engagement from our readers.  Due to this factor we impose a rel=nofollow attribute on all external links.

See example: http://meebal.com/chevy-ad-is-sure-to-tug-your-heart/

Written by Advertiser: £25.00

Written by Meebal.com: £85.00

The article advertisement is a permanent addition to our pages and therefore will remain live on our systems unless instructed by the advertiser to remove it.

Image or Contextual Advertisement

We offer three positions within the sidebar, top, middle and bottom.  Each are able impact our readers as they scroll through the content.  The rate card remains the same for each position and advertisements are delivered on a first come, first served basis and at just £20.00 per month it won’t overstretch your marketing budget.

Image: 250×250 pixels

Text: Up to 20 words plus URL

Duration: Monthly

Rate Card: £20.00 per calendar month

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