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Afghan Heroin Addict Mutilates Wife for Not Selling Jewellery to Fund His Addiction

Afghan Heroin Addict Mutilates Wife for Not Selling Jewellery to Fund His Addiction

AFGHAN HEROIN ADDICT MUTILATES WIFE FOR NOT SELLING JEWELLERY TO FUND HIS ADDICTION – An Afghanistan woman lies in hospital after her heroin addicted husband hit her over the head with a rock and then took a knife and cut off her nose and lips.

Afganistan Husband Attacks Wife for Refusing to Sell Jewellery to Fund his Herion Addiction

The vicious attack came about after she refused to sell her jewellery in order to fuel his heroin addiction.

Full story … Daily Mail says …

Just last week the British Prime Minister David Cameron had the audacity to declare Afghanistan as a ‘Mission Accomplished’ as British troops prepare to pull out during 2014.

In response to Mr. Cameron’s assertions, we compiled an article that effectively shows just how much of a failure our interference in Afghanistan has been; one of the most damning areas being the increased production in heroin.

Within the article, stated…

6,000 – That’s the total number of tons of heroin that has been produced this year in Afghanistan; in fact it’s a record year as far as production is concerned.

This was just one of six points made that clearly shows that our involvement in Afghanistan was not only a complete and utter waste of taxpayer’s money but more importantly the number of lives that were wasted; some 446 British troops were killed along with a staggering 16,725 innocent Afghan men, women and children.


Cameron Declares Afghanistan as ‘Mission Accomplished’

The article by the Daily Mail simply reinforces our belief that nothing has changed in Afghanistan and in fact the production of heroin has doubled in the past year alone.

One of the Daily Mail’s readers points out…

“More evidence of Cameron’s assertion that all the effort, cost and British deaths haven’t brought about change. ….Mission Accomplished? This land will be the same in 1,000 years from now as it was 1,000 years ago.”

Many feel that the Taliban is simply now sitting things out and biding their time for when their lands are finally devoid of foreign troops and on that day they will once again begin a brutal takeover and rule Afghanistan with a reign of fear and terror.

In the course of the next few years, it’s likely the current production of 6,000 tons of heroin produced this year will triple or even quadruple and leave many western nations being flooded with the deadly narcotic.

Mr. Cameron’s assertions that we’ve accomplished removing the Taliban and its narcotics production is nothing short of offensive to all those who lost their lives and will continue to do so through the sale of such an illicit product.

This of course will only be heightened by the brutality upon the Afghan citizens from the Taliban after they seek retribution for what is seen as a betrayal once troops are pulled out.

We can therefore conclude that Mr. Cameron is either completely delusional over his assertions or that he is completely incompetent in tackling the issue in any decisive way.

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