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Al Qaeda Bombmaker Walks Free Due to Human Rights Laws

Al Qaeda Bombmaker Walks Free Due to Human Rights Laws

AL QAEDA BOMBMAKER WALKS FREE DUE TO HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS – Under state sanctioned anonymity a known Al Qaeda terrorist was last night free to walk the streets of Britain and is one of seven to be released under Human Rights laws.

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It is increasingly obvious to any sane person that the Human Rights laws, that being our ties to both the British Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights, appear to favour for the criminals and as evidence is uncovered, even more disturbingly, known active terrorists.

In this particular case, the Pakistani national was originally captured after a supergrass provided damning evidence which ultimately foiled two bomb plots set to be detonated in order to destroy the Ministry of Sound nightclub and the Bluewater Shopping centre.

There can be no doubt that if the bomb plots was executed it would have cost the lives of hundreds of innocent men, women and children; the question again must be asked … ‘What happened to the Human Rights of these potential innocent victims?’

I think it’s perfectly obvious that most of us can see the complete and utter madness to Human Rights laws for we clearly know the difference between right and wrong and I would challenge any sane person to tell me that releasing seven known terrorists wasn’t wrong.

There is very little information we are permitted to know about this latest terrorist to be released other than he comes from Pakistan, he’s part of a London group of Islamic extremists, he’s 41 years of age and he sincerely believes in his delusion state of religious indoctrination that it is Allah’s will that he kill innocent people in the name of his religion.

It is interesting to note at this point that no Muslim community leader appears to have come out and spoken of this atrocity.  After we are continuously told that Muslims simply wish to live peacefully among us they don’t seem in the least bit concerned that a terrorist has just been released.

Considering the vast numbers of the British public criticising this latest move by the Government that provides a cloak of state anonymity you might think that ALL quarters of the public would be outraged and concerned for their safety.

You might also think, considering how tight-knit the Muslim community is, that one or more Muslims might come forward and reveal the man’s identity – yes that might be illegal but it would be the righteous thing to do so that people could protect themselves.

Under the current legal system  it is plain to see that the Government are simply giving terrorists a licence to murder innocent people; for no human being in their right mind would allow such people to roam the streets putting lives at risk.

There should be only two routes for the life of a terrorist, these being the death penalty or being imprisoned for life; unfortunately it is crystal clear that some members of our Government are more interested in upholding the liberal left-wing ideology of human rights regardless to the risks to the public.

I wonder as I write this, how Nick Clegg’s ideology on human rights would hold up if any members of his family were to succumb to a terrorist attack.  Would he still stand on his podium declaring it to be inhumane to imprison a person for life or reinstate the death penalty so that certain criminals can be put to death?

As we move forward in this debacle that the likes of Nick Clegg call a multicultural cohesive society, it will of course get worse and that the only people who have access to any rights or justice will be the criminals and none more so than those who are prepared take human life for the sake of some ridiculous notion attached to a religion that is nothing short of being pure evil.

In closing I wonder how many people would support a political party that is a little more radical in that they would pull out of the EU, scrap the Human Rights Act 1998, pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights and reinstate capital punishment for certain crimes.

I also wonder if the public would support the notion that we are indeed at war and therefore we should allow our security services to actively hunt down and execute terrorists on sight and deport all those who support the atrocities of terrorism.

There can be no doubt that most of us live in fear and it’s because the liberals have changed the laws so that now the criminals are almost untouchable.

You cannot and certainly should not tar each Muslim with the same brush but clearly it is time that the Muslim community provided far more assistance in uncovering terrorists and their plots to murder innocent people.

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Al Qaeda Bombmaker Walks Free