Al Qaeda Shop Window Notice

Al Qaeda Shop Window Notice

AL QAEDA SHOP WINDOW NOTICE - Now we’ve all seen the news and it doesn’t seem like a day that goes by without some offending notice or demonstration by Islamic Fundamentalists calling for the death of the infidels (that’s anyone who’s white, Christian, Jew or any other that doesn’t believe in the Prophet Mohammed).

So, is it really surprising when you see a sign like the one below, that is prominently displayed in a Shop Window, in the town of Campbeltown, Scotland?

A notice was recently posted in a Shop Window, in Scotland, informing it's customers they would rather do business with Al Qaeda Terrorist. Read on.

Shocked?  Outraged?  The truth is how often have we seen this type of sign.  Look at the recent Muslim Demonstrations in London and you will quickly realize that Muslim Fundamentalists are continually berating the British citizen and calling for their demise.

So are you offended?  I mean after all it’s just a sign.  In a democratic society should we readily accept this type of behaviour from anyone regardless of their beliefs or opinions?  Should we all be afforded the fundamental right of Freedom of Speech, after all this is the very corner stone, the pillar, on which we have built a democratic society.

According to reports a number of Muslims who passed the shop and read the sign where obviously quite happy with it.  But as the Bard says… Here lies the rub…

The Muslims that passed the sign, and who were obviously pleased that someone was supporting the Al Qaeda cause failed to understand British/Scottish humour, as if they had taken a moment to look up they would have noticed that the shop was in fact a FUNERAL PARLOUR!

As yet, to my understanding, the local authorities have not asked the owners of the business to remove the inflammatory sign, and quite frankly, why would they and in fact how could they even try to enforce such an action?  It is, after all, the person’s right to express himself freely… The Muslims certainly do as can be seen in the article I linked above.

I once heard that the Scots don’t have a sense of humour, but that, from this article, is clearly not the case, in fact it’s obvious that their sense of humour is alive and well and living in Campeltown.

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