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All-in-One iPhone Case and Breathalyser

All-in-One iPhone Case and Breathalyser

ALL-IN-ONE IPHONE CASE AND BREATHALYSER – A new iPhone case has been developed by Japanese firm Thanko which not only allows you to protect your iPhone but doubles up as a breathalyser – ensuring you won’t have to drive if you are over the legal limit.

Whilst the new device is certainly handy, it is of course far more practical, sensible and responsible to have a designated driver if you are planning on a night out with friends.

Breathalyser Case for the iPhone - Image 1

Remember there really isn’t a safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed if you are intending to drive.


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The new iPhone case also has another nifty attribute in that it has a built in battery so that your iPhone can actually be charged with the case.

The breathalyser uses a simple set of red, green and yellow LED lights.  The user can breathe over the sensor which will then provide you with either a red light, warning you that you are over the limit, yellow light denoting you are borderline and green, letting you know you are safe to drive.

Breathalyser Case for the iPhone - Image 3 Breathalyser Case for the iPhone - Image 2

The results of a breathalyser can take a few seconds to show up as the device analyses as you breathe but, Thanko makers say the device could, if used, deter people from getting behind the wheel.

Makers Thanko did point out that the breathalyser should not be used as a standalone device in order to determine a safe drink driving limit – it is much more practical to play safe and if you have been drinking either to get a non-drinker to drive home or take a taxi.

Currently the UK law imposes a limit of 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath and the device works by displaying one of three signals, as noted above.  After approximately 20 seconds an appropriate light will shine to indicate whether you should drive or not and provides a percentage risk factor.

Breathalyser Case for the iPhone - Image 4

As for the battery and charging facility, the case comes with a built-in 1,800 mAh battery and works in the same way as if you where docking the iPhone; this allows the use to switch between using the iPhone’s battery or that built into the case.

Currently the case is only available for the iPhone 5 but Thanko has announced that it is working on other cases to fit earlier iPhone models.

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