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Petition: Ban Halal Slaughter of Animals in Britain

Support our petition to ban Halal slaughter in Britain. The practice of slaughtering animals for religious purposes is both draconian and barbaric and it is only ‘religious sensitivity’ from our politicians that has prevent Halal meat from being banned.

Petition to Call on David Cameron to Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller

Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller – This petition is to call upon the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to dismissed Maria Miller over her mortgage expenses scandal.

EU Moves to End Net Neutrality

The EU is now making moves, through a new directive, that would effectively quash net neutrality. Net neutrality covers three core principles which allows the internet to remain free and open. Destroying net neutrality will deny you your democratic rights to access free and open information. Don’t let this happen.

Petition: Ban Islam in Britain

Petition to ban Islam in Britain. It’s time for peace and the only way to achieve peace is to remove ideologies that promote murder. Here we call for support on banning Islam in Britain.

Petition: Should the BBC Lose its Royal Charter?

Should the BBC lose it’s Royal Charter so that it can no longer force TV viewers into paying a licence fee? If you feel this is the case then sign our petition.

American Deported for Having Cancer

American Deported for Having Cancer… yes the headline is correct and in our view questions the UK’s humanity; or least the humanity of those in Government.

Amazing Christmas Light Displays

Amazing Christmas Light Displays

AMAZING CHRISTMAS LIGHT DISPLAYS - It is certainly not unusual for some people to go all out and illuminate the whole street with a display of Christmas lights that cover their homes and front yards and it is rather nice to see that some people take the effort to bring in a little Christmas cheer for all of us to enjoy.

What is truly amazing is that some people go well beyond simply covering their homes and yards with light but actually go to the time, trouble and expense of creating a truly magical display.

I was answering a message on YouTube when another friend of mine posted a video.  The video was accompanied by the song Amazing Grace, techno style, with a home that was professionally covered in Christmas lights by, which reacted in time with the music.

While is not about promoting any type of business, there are the odd occasions when it is right to do so due to really cool content.  What is about is providing interesting articles and widen the exposure of things of importance and truly inspiring which is why this is being featured.  Below I have included just a couple of videos produced by which are obviously designed to show people what they are capable of producing and I must say these are just incredible.

Now that you have watched the videos I am sure you are just as inspired as I.  You have to admire the lengths some people will go to, and of course the cost, in order to produce a Christmas Light Display that goes well beyond sticking up a few fairy lights and a reindeer that’s nose flashes on and off.

As everyone gets into the spirit of Christmas there are those who take lighting up their home to a whole new level, as you can see from the video above.  There have been numerous reports, both local and international, where people are spending vast sums of money in order to outdo their neighbours efforts in producing the most spectacular display of Christmas lights – I’m just glad I’m not the one having to pay the electricity bill.

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