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Amazing Images of a Great White Shark Hunting

Amazing Images of a Great White Shark Hunting

AMAZING IMAGES OF A GREAT WHITE SHARK HUNTING – Of all the sharks that hunt in our oceans there is none that captures our imagination or grips us with fear more than the Great White.

It is widely accepted that sharks have ruled the oceans as the top predator for hundreds of millions of years and our admiration and fear is often fueled by the vast number of factual documentaries and Hollywood’s attempt to scare the living daylight out of us.

Yes, there is no arguing that a Great White is a hunter and a predator looking for its next kill, but it is also widely accepted that when mankind and Great White come into contact the attack is generally down to one of confusing us with their natural prey such as seals.

I can tell you from direct experience that the first time I ever came face to face with a shark whilst diving was both thrilling and terrifying but I quickly learned just how graceful and magnificent these creatures are and now I often feel very disappointed when I don’t see sharks on a dive.

The photographs below were captured by the talented Chris McLennan, from New Zealand, whilst on tour off Seal Island, Cape Town, South Africa; a well known spot for Great White sharks hunting one of their favourite prey the cape fur seal.

The waters around Seal Island are infested with Great Whites and it has become a hotspot for tourists looking to cage dive with them in order to experience their true majesty and power.

Chris McLennan is an award winning international travel photographer and from the images below it is clearly apparent why he has won so many awards.

I hope you enjoy the photographs Chris took as much as I did and for those who want to learn more about Great White sharks I’ve included a National Geographic video above.

Great White Shark Hunting - Image 1

Great White Shark Hunting - Image 2

Great White Shark Hunting - Image 3 Great White Shark Hunting - Image 4

Great White Shark Hunting - Image 5

Great White Shark Hunting - Image 6

Great White Shark Hunting - Image 7

Great White Shark Hunting - Image 8

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