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Amazing Rescue of Lone Survivor Harrison Okene

Amazing Rescue of Lone Survivor Harrison Okene

AMAZING RESCUE OF LONE SURVIVOR HARRISON OKENE - It’s a story of tragedy, trauma and survival.  Working as a cook on the Jacson 4-a tugboat, no one was more surprised or shocked than Harrison Odjegba Okene, at the turn of events that left him alone in the cold darkness of a sinking ship.

Okene was one of 11 crew members and after the boat was capsized by a swell, somehow found himself in an area of the ship with an air bubble that allowed him to survive for 72 hours; the time it took for rescue divers to find him.  With the bodies of his fellow crewman already found, the rescue dive team never expected to find Okene alive.

Harrison Okene

The stunned reaction can be heard clearly on the video above as the diver reaches out to grab what he believes is the hand of a corpse, only to have that hand take hold.  “He’s alive!” were the words shouted over the helmet intercom, giving an emotional break to what had been an exhausting mission to retrieve bodies.

His faith, Bible verses from Psalm 54-92 and a bottle of Coke were all Okene had to keep him alive and hopeful; but they were enough.  With the release of the video above, his story has been rekindled causing the video to go viral.  Now six months after his ordeal his health has improved; he is strong, ready to face the curious public and is considering writing a book.

A fitting title would be “Never give up hope”

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