America: A People Gripped in Fear

AMERICA: A PEOPLE GRIPPED IN FEAR - With the recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms has once again raised debate over the concerns of gun ownership and the pro gun campaigners voicing their opinions in allowing gun laws to be relaxed further in order to allow the American people to protect themselves.

America: A People Gripped in Fear - A look at how American's are often lead to believe that their only salvation is the 2nd Amendment and their Right to Bear Arms.

You would think, with the number of times that schools have come under attack, with the loss of so many young lives, that the American people would call upon its government to finally lay to rest the 2nd Amendment and introduce new laws, maybe similar to the United Kingdom, which heavily restrict the ownership of firearms.

Since the tragic event of 1996 when 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton, a licensed gun holder, walked into Dunblane Primary School, in Scotland and took the lives of 16 innocent children, the UK has abolished the right to own any type of handgun and indeed heavily restricted the ownership of shotguns and rifles.

Isn’t it disturbing to think that we feel that we cannot live in peace without holding a gun to someone’s head demanding peace?  The reality of the fear the American people feel for their possible loss of liberty dates back to the War of Independence: 1775 – 1783 when fighting for their right to be free of British rule.

Since then, and throughout its history, the American Government has managed to instill a fear into its people that America without weapons would be open to tyranny, either within or from outside forces.

There is no denying the simple truth that we live in a violent world, but who is to blame for that violence?  Can we lay the blame on our Government who allows us to Bear Arms under the 2nd Amendment?  Can we lay blame on ourselves for the purchase of such weapons? Or is the blame with the manufacturers of firearms that are powerful enough to lobby our Government in order to protect their profits?

From my point of view the issue of gun crime carries clear connotations of each of the questions above.  All three come into direct play when we look at the increasing levels of gun violence on the streets of America.  One question we may want to ask ourselves is; “Would the atrocity of Sandy Hook Elementary School happened if Adam Lanza did not have access to his mother’s two automatic handguns and an assault rifle?”  Can anyone tell me honestly that if the ownership of weapons was restricted, as it is in the United Kingdom, that this tragic event would of occurred?

The issue here is that the politicians and the policies they implement are not tied directly to the ‘Will of the People’ but the ‘Will of the Lobbyists’ of whom holds a firm grip on any policies that the US Government may wish to enact.

Let’s move aside from the Right to Bear Arms and look at the state of Healthcare in the United States.  Many times politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, tried to bring in a Social Healthcare System to ease the burden of health care cost for the poor.

Unfortunately the American people were lulled into fear that this type of Social System is nothing more than Communism and a step away from its roots of being an open capitalist country.  But who initiated this line of fear?  While it certainly was the politicians that rallied the American people through numerous debates, it was the puppet masters, the Insurance Companies that controlled what was said and how it was delivered to the American people.

The result was that Hillary Clinton received a little under $1 million towards her campaign funding and dropped the subject of creating a Social Healthcare System.  It is clear, and undeniable, that those we vote into power have no power – the power of legislation is firmly in the hands of the lobbyists.

On the subject of US Healthcare, try watching Michael Moore’s Documentary – SICKO.  The video below is the first part which provides links to the rest of the documentary.  While you may not be a fan of Michael Moore, this documentary clearly sets out the reasons behind the state of health care in the United States and how fear is used to accept what the lobbyists want to impose upon the American people.

Fear is a horrible thing to live with and we all fear for our safety and that of those around us; but is gun ownership the answer?  If a person breaks into your house in the middle of the night carrying a firearm, because their 2nd Amendment Right allows them to, wouldn’t it be better if that person had no right to do so therefore reducing the chances of violent gun crime.

There is always the argument that criminals will be able to obtain guns, of all descriptions, despite tighter gun laws, and yes this is true – even the United Kingdom has a problem with gun violence, but nowhere near to the level of the United State due to the strict laws controlling such weapons.

It was interesting to note some of the comments that some Senators and Congressman were stating, in regards to defending the 2nd Amendment.  They talk about American’s being armed to deter tyranny from within and from other countries that may seek to hard the people of the American people.

The truth is that tyranny from an internal source should be the remit of the Police, National Guard and Armed Forces, not the untrained citizen.  As for tyranny and oppression from an external source, this often comes in the form of Terrorism, which is mostly unseen and unheard until it is too late.  The whole point of terrorism being to terrorize the people; but what good is the 2nd Amendment when you don’t know who you are fighting?

Often owning a gun, or any other type of firearm, lulls people into a false sense of security, whereas the truth is much more damaging as criminals are aware that they need to be armed in order to subdue their armed victims – this is a vicious circle and one that will continue to be debated for and against gun ownership.

The United States of America, and its people, are currently engaged in a number of conflicts around the world and as with Vietnam the consensus always appears to be that the American’s can out gun any other country, which is the deterrent to other countries not to invade.

This sense of ‘Armed to the Teeth’ belief has led the American people through a number of conflicts, none of which derived any positive result, regardless how well armed they were and with the threats that we now all face from the Middle-East and Asia, do you really think that the 2nd Amendment is going to protect us?

We are all aware of the problems of North Korea and many, including South Korea have called upon the United States and other countries to do more in forcing North Korea to back down. If the United States is so well armed why hasn’t it taken direct action against North Korea?

The truth is plain for everyone to see and that is because North Korea is protected by China who has a population exceeding 1.3 billion people, with the largest Armed and Air Force in the world, making it a positive threat that no amount of arms could resolve to any positive outcome.

Does America, or more importantly the American people really, really need the 2nd Amendment in order to protect itself and that of its citizens?  Are we not developed enough, or intelligent enough to understand that no amount of guns is going to resolve our differences or indeed protect us.

The argument can always go both ways; with many people stating that they feel safer in their homes and in their daily lives knowing that a gun is not too far away in order to protect themselves.  The debate over the 2nd Amendment has again been raised due to the atrocity of the Sandy Hook Elementary incident, but sadly this is not the first time school children have been the target of gun crime and while the Right to Bear Arms continues to be supported it will no doubt not be the last time.

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  • Donna Wozny

    An interesting viewpoint. I am not opposed to gun ownership and would like to see tougher regulations made across the board, that all states would need to follow. I am really dissapointed in the NRA for not stepping up to the plate and addressing these issues with a plan. Someone needs to take responsibility and I would much rather it be a private group than the politicians. As a side note, I do not see the need for anyone outside the military or police to have possession of assault weapons, hollow point bullets or flamethrowers. Who thought it woud be a good idea for these to be marketed to the public?
    As far as our healthcare, that is a seperate issue but I clearly do not want the government’s hands on my health decisions. Let’s stop turning to the government to fix our lives!

    • meebal

      I was also suprised the NRA didn’t make a statement. In fact the NRA website went dark for about 24 hours, according to news reports, so that people couldn’t access it. I’m assuming they thought they might get a lot of comments regarding tigthening gun control.
      Again there’s a false sense of security here. People vote in the politicians thinking they will enact their wishes whereas the truth is the lobbyists are the ones making legilsation.
      I realise Healthcare is a seperate issue, but take a look at all of the Michael Moore videos on SICKO and you’ll realise that countries like the UK, who is not communist, run a National Health Service that is free for all. In this modern day people should not be turned away from a hospital just because they don’t have insurance or the insurance company refuses to pay out.
      I certainly would like to see more gun control in the U.S. I did see a further report that said over 20 million handguns where purchased in November 2012 alone.

      • Donna Wozny

        20 million? That’s alot of guns. As I have gotten older I have realized the NRA is not really pro-active the way I think they should be. To me, gun rights are not just about the rights of those wanting to buy or sell guns but about the safety and impact they will have on the general public. These concealed carry laws are over the top, too. I don’t feel safer when I see someone carrying, but rather having been raised with guns find myself quickly evaluating the person. There will be no quick or easy answers to the dilemma we find ourselves in, but hopefully there will be some progress made so we will all be safer.

        • meebal

          Interesting that I had a friend argue the case on Facebook and he provided access to some interesting information regarding Pro Gun Ownership. I updated the following article to include a snippet of this information plus a link to the article, it’s really an interesting point of view –

          • Donna Wozny

            It brings up a very good point and explains it well. I would only add that if we are to be a country that embraces guns and gun safety, then it would be prudent to also teach our children about guns with classes being standard. I know this would have its own controversy attatched to it, but respect and responsibility are learned at a young age and if we want healthy attitudes about guns then we need to remove the myths and fear that surrounds them.