Andrew De Leon America’s Got Talent

Andrew De Leon America’s Got Talent

ANDREW DE LEON AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – I’m a huge fan of America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, the UK XFactor and the US XFactor, simply because it is shows and competitions like this that really do draw out a vast amount of creative talent; and to people who would otherwise never see the stage floor.

I’m always amazed at the young and old and how well some people, with little or no training can sing and to have the nerve to stand in front of a vast audience takes courage beyond my comprehension.

Due to my work I don’t always get time to see all of the shows above and today, as I was writing an article for I received an email with a link to the audition performance of Andrew De Leon.

Andrew certainly has an unusual Goth appearance but that is not why Andrew was so special.  While many people would no doubt look at his image and be a little wary, this strangeness quickly evaporates when you hear him sing.

I’m not going to let on what he sings or his choice in music, just watch the video and I will guarantee you will be blown away, as were the judges.

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