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Another Benefit Thief Gets Off Scott Free

Another Benefit Thief Gets Off Scott Free

ANOTHER BENEFIT THIEF GETS OFF SCOTT FREE – Her name is Sonia Mellor, a 33 year old mother of two who claimed to be so ill that she had to spend all day in bed and be assisted with around the clock care.

Yes according to Sonia Mellor she was ‘virtually immobile; well that was right up until the time benefit fraud investigators caught her on film having a wonderful time shopping with her kids, taking them to school;  and oh yes having a bundle of fun on a trampoline.

The news uncovers how Sonia Mellor was pocketing nearly £100,000 a year through all manner of benefits claims, including child allowance, disability allowance and so forth.

Sonia Mellor Benefit Fraud

Sonia Mellor also has a partner, David Walker, but failed to report the financial support he was providing; this then allowed her to continue pocketing Income Support, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.  All in all Sonia Mellor was certainly living the high-life on the back of the taxpayer.

It took the Department of Work and Pensions no less than three months to fully investigate her fraudulent activities, resulting in Sonia Mellor finally facing the court and yet despite the level of fraud the judge handed her a 12 month suspended sentence with an order to repay the money.

So let’s examine the situation… apparently it’s widely accepted you can commit benefit fraud and basically get away with it.

You won’t have to worry about the cost of the investigation or the cost of prosecution and on top of that you’ll walk away scott free.

Now many of you might be thinking that she has to repay the amount of money stolen but the truth is she’ll end up paying it out of the benefits she receives, leaving the taxpayer once again out of pocket.

It’s no good blaming the judge for he is simply following protocol laid down by Government which is ultimately dictated by the room available and with the number of foreigner criminals currently awaiting deportation or rather a nice cosy council house at the taxpayer’s expense, it’s obvious there’s little room inside.

Even if she was locked up what would be the point?  We today witness another thief, that being ex MP Denis MacShane who was locked up for defrauding the taxpayer of £12,900, sentenced to six months, ho spent just six weeks inside only to declare he had a great time and even managed to lose weight due to the gym facilities being made available.


Expenses Cheat MP Denis MacShane Released from Jail After Just Six Weeks

Oh yes the prisons are little more than 5 Star Hotels and the prison system has no ability to punish criminals under our liberal left-wing ideology of rehabilitation.

Farce… that’s the only appropriate word I can use for the entire system.  I bet you a pound to a penny that there are thousands of benefit cheats reading this news and laughing all the way to Barbados; because that’s where they can afford to go on holiday, at your expense.

Justice… no we don’t want any of that because it involves punishing people and that, according to the Liberals who clearly live in La La Land, is unkind, cruel and inhumane; after all they’re not really criminals but victims of a cruel and uncaring society that affords then little or no opportunity…. boo hoo.

Justice… I’d give you justice.  For starters she’d face the birch.  Her kids would be removed and put up for adoption and she would be cast out onto the streets.  It’s as simple as that.

Yes you liberals will no doubt be reaching for the keyboard in order to admonish me for being so politically incorrect but undeniably the liberal system has failed spectacularly and yet  the liberals fail to acknowledge such so that we might move on and find an alternative solution.

If you are a taxpayer you’re probably infuriated at being stolen from yet again but you and I both know this won’t be the last case and until we can put aside the absurd notions of liberalisation of our criminal justice system this offensive debacle will continue to occur time and time again.

Honestly why bother working… you can steal what you like and nobody will do anything about it; in fact ask a Liberal MP and they will try and get you more through the benefit system.


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