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Another Leftist Nut Job Who Thinks Welfare Reform is a Breach of Human Rights

Another Leftist Nut Job Who Thinks Welfare Reform is a Breach of Human Rights

ANOTHER LEFTIST NUT JOB WHO THINKS WELFARE REFORM IS A BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS – Angry, confused, subversive and outright bemused… that’s how I feel on a daily basis writing opinions on the news.

I know many people read the news but trust me when you get to write your opinions you’ll quickly find out just how frustrating some people’s stupidity can be and when it comes to any type of politician the degree of your feelings is magnified tenfold.

So where to start… Raquel Rolnik.  Now that might not be a name you are familiar with but I can tell you that in the arena of the Marxists she’s up there along with all the other leftist nut jobs who thinks a socialist communist society is the only way to achieve social harmony.

Yes despite the fact that China, Russia and North Korea are testimony as to how oppressive such a system is Ms. Rolnik is convinced otherwise.

Now the point of this opinion is that fact that she’s A. Brazilian, B. A member of the United Nations and C. Had the audacity to criticise welfare reform in Britain.

According to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, Ms. Rolnik’s recent visit to the UK as a UN official to report on housing benefits and subsequent publication of her report, is little more that ‘utterly ridiculous’; some other MPs have labelled her the ‘Brazil Nut’ and has no right to lecture or condemn Britain for its continuous move to reform welfare.

Raquel Rolnik and Iain Duncan Smith

Image – Left: Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith | Right: Marxist Raquel Rolnik

If ever there was an accolade for a complete and utter waste of public money it would either have go to the European Parliament or the United Nations.

When you witness people like Raquel Rolnik in action the only thing you can do is to gaze up to the stars above and hope that there is intelligent life somewhere up in space for it is clear there is little here on earth… certainly intelligence appears devoid in the United Nations or the European Parliament as it continues to allow the likes of Ms. Rolnik lose on the streets.

It was last year that Ms. Rolnik visited Britain as the UN’s Special Rapporteur on housing which understandably caused a fair amount of controversy considering her Marxist views.

By the end of her visit, which was outstayed in most people’s minds, Ms. Rolink voiced her concerns about housing benefit cuts; she even had the audacity to state that she felt the British people’s human rights were being abuse by the Government’s insistence on welfare reform.

One Tory MP, Stewart Jackson probably has Ms. Rolnik weighted up more than adequately after he stated that Ms. Rolnik was little more than a ‘loopy Brazilian Leftie with no evidence and who was merely masquerading as a serious United Nations official.

The UN appears a little embarrassed by all the commotion her visit and remarks have caused and now looks like it’s trying to distance itself from Ms. Rolnik and her report by stating that it had no knowledge of her findings.

However, in the document Ms. Rolnik complains consistently about the lack of appropriate and culturally adequate residential and transit accommodation for travellers.

Now a message for all you liberal and socialist lefties who think Britain is some kind of multicultural utopia where everyone should be provided for from the cradle to the grave by Government… you need medicating or better yet locking up.

Yes you might find that offensive but better to be offended than to subject Britain to the same fate as Greece; although in reality when Britain is subjected to bankruptcy it’ll make the predicament of Greece look like a picnic on a Sunday afternoon by the riverbank.

Welfare… now that’s a system of oppression if ever there was one.  Welfare does NOT help the poor out of poverty.  In fact we now have clear evidence that welfare simply makes the poor inert, lazy and consequently poorer.

What we need is to stand back and look at the consequence of welfare over the last 60 years and realise that welfare is not longer a pathway to prosperity but rather a way for a Government to oppress and control citizens.

Now you might be thinking that statement is a little over the top, but consider the three elements of control;, these being fear, dependency and despondency and you will quickly see how Government, such as North Korea, control the populace… is that really what we want for Britain?

Welfare is the single most expensive cost to Government; in fact if we often look at the reduction in our Armed Forces and Health Care in general and wonder why such occurs.  The truth is that money has to be diverted in order to cover the welfare bill and yet even that isn’t sufficient.

Last year the Government paid £48.20 billion in interest payments to cover the cost of borrowing sufficient funds to cover welfare… yes that’s just the interest on our welfare bill.  Now do you still think welfare is such a good thing in modern society?

Britain now stands with a national debt approaching £1.4 trillion or five times its national income; actually if you put in future costs such as pensions then it’s nine times the national income.

When Greece when belly up its national debt was under three times its national income; which gives you an idea of just how much debt Britain is now carrying.

Over the last 18 months the Government has been pushing welfare reform but I honestly don’t think they’ve explained the reasons adequately to certain sectors of the public in order for them to grasp the gravity of the situation.

If the lefties have their way we’d all be living on welfare; well that is right up until the time when Britain goes bankrupt and then nobody will get anything at all… and that’s the reality we are facing.

We continuously bleat on about humanity, human rights and entitlement and yet you can forget any of these if Britain goes bust.  We’ve seen the riots in Greece, we’ve seen how middle-class families are now sleeping rough under bridges and we’ve seen how unemployment has skyrocketed; this ladies and gentlemen is the legacy of welfare and unless we all take responsibility and put an end to it the result is inevitable… it’ll be the downfall of society as we know it.

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