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Another Sex Scandal Covered Up by the Liberal Democrats

Another Sex Scandal Covered Up by the Liberal Democrats

ANOTHER SEX SCANDAL COVER UP BY THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS – The Liberal Democrat Party and its leader Nick Clegg are again embroiled in yet another sex scandal after it attempted to suppress ‘credible’ allegations of misconduct by MP Mike Hancock.

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It appears that Nick Clegg has a passion for surrounding himself with deviants and criminals; not only has Lord Rennard been ousted but yesterday Vicky Pryce, the convicted criminal, has once again been taken back into the fold of the Liberal Democrat.


Vicky Pryce from Lying Criminal to Whitehall Adviser

This of course is not the first time Mr. Hancock has been accused of unwanted sexual advancements and despite one constituent, known only as Annie or AH, who wrote to Mr. Clegg in March 2011, her case was liberally swept under the carpet.

In our view this makes Nick Clegg as culpable as Mike Hancock and should therefore resign with immediate effect from the position as Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party and Deputy Prime Minister; we simply cannot and should not allow anyone holding office to cover up vital evidence of sexual misconduct.

Despite the graphic content of Annie’s letter Mr. Clegg thought it more appropriate to do nothing; perhaps that is the Liberal Democrat way for certainly they haven’t achieved much since being in power alongside the Conservatives, indeed it could be noted that Mr. Clegg has almost successfully blocked all Tory plans that might help move Britain forward in a positive way.

It wasn’t until an independent report by a QC was leaked by Guido Fawkes which declared that there was in fact prima facie evidence that Mr. Hancock was guilty of ‘serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour’ that Mr. Clegg then thought it was appropriate to act.

Yes it appeared that the evidence hadn’t been covered up as well as Mr. Clegg perceived and he is now being forced to take action.

Notwithstanding the fact that the report was provided to Mr. Clegg last August and the fact that Mr. Hancock resigned the whip in June 2013 after Annie threatened to sue, Mr. Clegg still refused to take any form of action; the leaked report by Guido Fawkes has effectively forced Mr. Clegg into taking action or rather what will now be viewed as damage control.

I fail to see at this juncture how Nick Clegg’s position as both leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister is tenable. Mr. Clegg’s mantra and agenda if you will is that of social justice; after all that’s the liberal left-wing progressive ideology and yet it is obvious from his actions over Lord Rennard and now Mike Hancock that he is neither fit nor proper to hold office; and that would be right alongside Lord Rennard and Mike Hancock.

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