Another UKIP Candidate Condemned for Racist and Homophobic Rant

by Editor | April 27, 2014 5:16 am

ANOTHER UKIP CANDIDATE CONDEMNED FOR RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC RANT – UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, faced yet more embarrassment last night and called for an investigation into yet another one of its aspiring politicians after he was accused of being homophobic and racist.

According to a number of sensitive liberals Robert Bicliff, the man standing to be a councillor in Tamworth, Staffordshire next month, has revealed himself to be a rampant homophobic and racist after tweeting… “Sad day for all us straight people.” the day after gay marriage was made legal in the UK.

What’s worse is that Mr. Bicliff posted a joke about Muslims on his Facebook account way back in 2012.

“I am not racist and never have been. I have many friends of different nationalities but I enjoy joke every now and again.” Robert Bicliff

A UKIP spokesman has confirmed that the matter is being dealt with by referring it to the party’s national executive which will consider any disciplinary action.

Yes, it’s not been a good week for UKIP or Nigel Farage for just two days ago their advertising star was suspended over what amounts to the same issue.

Certainly the other major political parties were quick to once again call out the old tune that UKIP is in fact a party of loonies, fruitcakes and closet racists and it’s not surprising considering they have little else to condemn UKIP with.

I’m sure many of our readers would be shocked by Mr. Bicliff’s comment, certainly we at disagree with the content of his tweet for it should be the democratic right of each and every individual to live their lives as they see fit.

And there, in a nutshell lies the problem… yes we’re right back to democracy or rather the lack of it for effectively what the mainstream media is attempting to do is to have Mr. Bicliff removed because he dared to exercise his democratic right to free speech.

You don’t have to like what Mr. Bicliff had to say, but you must, if you uphold the principles of democracy, respect it.

He’s not calling for homosexuals to be subjected to persecution or worse death as does the Islamic extremists.  Of course we’re not supposed to say that for that only tugs on the strings of religious sensitivity and oh yes how sensitive they are.

No, what Mr. Bicliff did was merely to exercise his democratic right to express his views that homosexuality, in his mindset, is wrong.

Condemn Mr. Bicliff certainly but to call for disciplinary action that could see him ousted as a potential councillor is wrong and a direct attack on everyone’s democratic right to speak freely.

Since the issue of gay marriage was brought up we’ve had the Muslims condemning it as an insult to Allah and that every homosexual should be put to death.

Move along to the Christian quarter and you have the Church of England condemning gay marriage and attributing it to mass murder across Africa; apparently some African’s now think, that’s according to Archbishop Justin Welby, that being Christian will make you a homosexual and so they’ve taken to murdering Christians.

No, not one newspaper or media organisation had the spine to call either the Muslim fanatics or Justin Welby racists or homophobic because that would have upset the religious sensitivity apple cart and possibly damaged community cohesion.

At we constantly hear the screams of the public; yes all crying out for social justice and democracy but how many in this so-called ‘tolerant’ society are willing and indeed able to put aside name calling in pursuit of it?

The only time people should be silenced is when they call upon others to rise up against their fellow man with the sole intention of violence.  Inflicting violence or death on another in order to keep their views silenced effectively is a denial of their democratic rights.

Democracy is, and always will be, about a person’s right to express their views in an open and honest way without having society place a label on them in the hope to silence or oppress their democratic right.

Again, feel free to openly debate Mr. Bicliff’s views, you have a democratic right to do so but don’t label him and don’t seek for his dismissal; remember he intends to be a public figure you will have the democratic right not to vote him in if his views and ideologies do not match your own.

Finally, attempt to cherry pick democracy in order that it fits in with some political or religious ideology and effectively you create a totalitarian system by refusing others their right to openly express their views.

Condone it, debate it but never attempt to suppress it for once you do you allow certain quarters in society to control the flow of information and at that point you create a social system that is wholly oppressive.

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