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Anti-Truancy Ad Causes Outrage

Anti-Truancy Ad Causes Outrage


ANTI-TRUANCY AD CAUSES OUTRAGE – I’ve witness some pretty disturbing content in my time but why anyone would want to produce such a video that is almost ridiculously offensive is quite frankly beyond me.

This is Australia’s answer to telling kids they shouldn’t be playing truancy and that the best and safest place for them is in school.

Produced by the ‘Learn for Life Foundation’ it depicts a group of carefree teenagers skipping school to spend a day at the beach having fun.

Little did they know that the beach they chose was a military artillery testing ground and it’s obviously without telling you what happens next.

The question here is was such a graphic video necessary?  Couldn’t the makers have found another way to put their message across without it being so violently graphic?

Sometimes the only way to get people’s attention is to make the message as graphic as possible and with people’s macabre sense of inquisitiveness it’s likely that this video will certainly get some attention on the web.

Currently the video has been viewed over 11 million times which only pays testimony to the fact that the more shocking the content the more people will share.

I’m really not convinced this public advertisement was necessary; maybe a video showing a successful family due to hard work and dedication compared to those living a life on welfare due to skipping school and shirking their responsibilities might have had a different impact; although in all rationale it is the very fact that this has gone viral is testament that people like the ‘shock factor’.

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