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Archbishop Condemns Energy Price Hikes

Archbishop Condemns Energy Price Hikes

ARCHBISHOP CONDEMNS ENERGY PRICES – The Archbishop of Canterbury has once again spoken out over companies and their profits; this time hitting out at energy companies for the recent rise in energy prices.

There are some people in this world that appears just a little detached from reality and there are those, such as The Most Reverend Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who are so detached that they are either living on a completely different plant or are the victims of continued substance abuse.

Yes Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury has point but aim is a little off.  If Mr. Welby really wants to vilify someone then point the finger at Red Ed Miliband, for it was he, during his time as Energy Secretary, under Gordon Brown, that  was responsible for the ‘green tax’ that is ultimately pushing up the cost of energy – that and the interference from the EU.

According to Mr. Welby the energy companies have a moral duty and should not squeeze the customer for maximum profits; he’s even challenging them to justify the current increase.

Obviously Mr. Welby hasn’t been reading the newspapers for whilst the energy companies certainly are making a profit the greatest element of the price hike is due to taxation and ever imposing operating restrictions by the EU.

The truth is we can’t have it both ways; either we accept higher prices because of an incompetent Government who continuously supports a dictatorship, the EU, with ever higher taxes or we increase the use of burning fossil fuels.

Of course there is the Research and Development issue to consider.  R&D is not cheap and if the energy companies are to find an alternative, cheaper and green way to produce energy then the costs of such must be met.

R&D only takes up a proportion to the overall profit division; other costs include on-going maintenance and the building of new power plants.

After SSE’s price hike of 8.2% recently it was a foregone conclusion that other energy companies would follow suit and in fact British Gas, owned by Centrica, raised the cost of energy by a massive 9.2% – this is despite the fact that Centrica posted £2.7 billion in profits last year alone.

Considering the price hike and the profits accrued it will come as little surprise as to why the public is angry and feel like they are being fleeced.

Mr. Welby now states that his is going to apply pressure on the Government to get tough on the energy industry in order to curb the profits they make.

There certainly does appear to be a conspiracy here. Whilst consumer groups will tell us that we should seek out and swap to cheaper suppliers they all appear to be following suit – that is SSE puts up its prices and Centrica follows suit, therefore making it very difficult or nigh on impossible to find a cheaper source of energy.

The issue here is that the public are being held to ransom and no matter what energy company you choose they are all pretty much one of the same.

It’s about time that someone in Government decided to clean house. Yes these are private companies but no company should be allowed to use its product and position to a point that the consumer is held to ransom.

It’s unlikely the energy companies are going to accept all of the blame here; in fact they have already hit out stating that the ‘green tax’ and the EU’s interference is mostly responsible, regardless of the Government’s position that the energy companies are just plain greedy.

As for Mr. Welby, if I was him I’d concentrate more on cleaning my own house first before pointing the damning finger of immoral practices by other organisations.

The Church of England, probably unknown by Mr. Welby, invests a great deal of money in the energy firms.  Currently CofE holds £7 million worth of shares in Centrica and approximately £6 million in SSE.

Such is the vast investment that one can only conclude that whilst Mr. Welby vilifies the energy companies the CofE is in fact making a very tidy profit – I wonder if Mr. Welby will be dumping energy company shares, along with shares in Wonga, the pornography industry, weapons manufacturing and all manner of other highly questionable businesses that the Church should not be investing in on the grounds of morality.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for the CofE, despite Mr. Welby’s assertion, is not an institution of morality or the champion of the poor – in fact it feeds off the poor by continuing to indoctrinate them into the belief that by giving everything they have will secure them a place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yes it’s a wonderful notion and whilst the poor freeze or starve to death the Church will continue to profit from the misery of the poor and ignorant by investing their money in all manner of highly questionable stocks and shares in order to fuel its own greed and corruption.

The other element here is that Mr. Welby can certainly afford the recent price hikes for his stipend is £74,000 a year; almost three times the salary paid to regular clergy members.

Maybe Mr. Welby should consider working on minimum wage and dumping the questionable shareholding the CofE has before pointing the finger at other greedy individuals.  Better yet, in a so-call enlightened society, maybe it’s time to disband the CofE for it serves little or no purpose in modern times.

Putting aside the despicable nature of the Church and those who run it, we do need a fairer energy pricing system and this could come about if the ‘green tax’ was scraped, we pulled out of the ever interfering EU and created legislation whereby energy company profits were used to solely reinvest into alternative energy sources instead of providing vast bonuses for those fat cats controlling the companies.

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