Asda Ad Not Sexist Ruled by the Advertising Standards Authority

ASDA AD NOT SEXIST RULED BY THE ADVERISTING STANDARDS AUTHORITY – After receiving over 600 complaints and a torrent of negative comments on Facebook and Twitter the ASA was forced to investigate claims that the Christmas 2012 advertisement by Asda was sexist towards women.

Watch the advertisement above and determine that for yourself.

When I first read this news I was glad that I was sitting down, otherwise I would have fallen over in disbelief.  Have the British nothing better to do than take up time complaining about an advertisement that shows a woman running around at Christmas?  Maybe the British ought to try something better to occupy their time with and certainly… Get a Life!

There are conflicts around the world.  There are people, such as the Rohingya being persecuted.  Children are starving to death in some parts of the world.  People around the world, including the UK have real problems, such as disabilities or subjected to severe levels of discrimination and what do the British do?  Bitch about a stupid advertisement on TV!

Seriously folks do you have nothing better else to do with your lives than to bombard the ASA with complaint over a TV ad that looks a little sexist.

This all comes down to personal perception of what is right and wrong, but have the British slid so far down the Politically Correct ladder to a point where outrage is directed at a company or ogranisation over a simply advertisement – just because it’s a woman that is doing most of the work.

I still can’t believe some of the things I have read about this incident and how some people have taken such offense that they felt compelled to write in and complain.  God only knows what they’ll make of this article, but for anyone of you who are reading this and did complain to the ASA over this advertisement, I have this to say…

Your continuous pursuit of a Utopian society through political correctness and liberal ways is why the UK is in such a mess.  You simply have nothing better to attribute to society than petty meddling that benefits no one except your short-sighted aspirations.

You really ought to be ashamed of yourself and take up a cause that is worth campaigning against, such as better education for our children, the reduction of crime, sustainable energy… in fact anything that is for the betterment of society and not a silly crusade of political correctness.

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