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Assad: Lesser of Two Evils Says Western Governments

Assad: Lesser of Two Evils Says Western Governments

ASSAD: LESSER OF TWO EVILS SAY WESTERN GOVERNMENTS – Over the last few months has written and published a number of articles with reference to Bashar al-Assad and the issues of whether a western coalition force should engage in military strikes against Syrian troops in order to topple Assad.

Bashar al-Assad - Syrian Leader

Our view has, and remains, that simply removing Assad from power would inevitably result in a known terrorist organisation, Al Qaeda, taking power; our views are that removing an alleged tyrannical dictator only to install a terrorist organisation is no answer to a peaceful resolution to the Syrian Civil War.

Chemical Weapons in Syria - Image 1

During the many articles published, we also examined the moral aspects in which we declared that military strikes could never be seen as either moral or noble for such action will ultimately result in the killing of innocent men, women and children.

Often military chiefs will talk of the ‘greater good’ or even the ‘nobility’ of freeing a nation from the grip of abuse and yet there appears to be an acceptance of what military chiefs refer to as ‘collateral damage’ but this, no matter how you dress it up, is murder; plain and simple.

British Public Oppose Strikes on Syria

Finally reports are now circulating in which western nations have come the conclusion that we at have known from the outset – the removal of Assad will simply result in chaos and a takeover of power by Islamic militants.

The atrocities that Bashar al-Assad has allegedly engaged in against the civilian population is without doubt devoid of humanity but from the hundreds of reports coming out of Syria it is equally clear that rebel forces, tied in with Islamic militant groups, have also been responsible for the murder and torture of innocent men, women and children.

Syrian Rebels Filmed Executing Syrian Troops - Image 2

Western Governments now feel that it is essential to keep Assad’s Alawite minority in administration in order to prevent Islamic militants from taking over, which will likely increase the growth and threat of terrorism in the west.

Sources at Reuters provided officials with evidence that a number of Islamic militant groups, including Al Qaeda, have now taken over a border crossing and weapons depot near Turkey; facilities that were once under the control of the moderate Free Syrian Army.

According to reports there have been over 70,000 Syrian nationals die in the conflict to date but will Britain arming known Al Qaeda terrorists really bring about peace or will this simply escalate the situation further.

It is now clear that western Governments are viewing Assad as the lesser of two evils and stated to the press that if Assad does hold elections next year then it’s likely he could receive western support; some viewed this statement as nothing more than turning a blind eye to the allegation that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people – an allegation that has never been proven.

Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Killing Children - Image 1

After Russia blocked United Nations action against Assad in September it is now seen that this recent change of minds will now heal some of the rifts between those who thought military strikes were appropriate and those that opposed such action.

These are just a few of the articles has published on the issues with Syria:

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Diplomacy now looks like the only route to resolving the Syrian Civil War but many feel that the cultural and religious differences will prevent talks that could bring about peace.  It remains a demoralising fact that for the foreseeable future the Syrian Civil War will continue to rage and that the body count of the innocent will continue to rise.

The west could still intervene with military strikes but such an option would only inflame terrorism and tensions between western nations, Russia and Iran.

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