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Attorney General Dominic Grieve Condemns the EU Over Excessive Control

Attorney General Dominic Grieve Condemns the EU Over Excessive Control

ATTORNEY GENERAL DOMINIC GRIEVE CONDEMNS THE EU OVER EXCESSIVE CONTROL – According to Attorney General Dominic Grieve, the EU is simply power grabbing in order to control every aspect of British life.

Mr. Grieved recently stated that Brussels is clearly guilty of using ‘flagrant’ power grabs to expand its control over British life and without measures to stop the EU, it will eventually weigh down Britain under a mountain of legislation simply to assert its power over the British people.

Currently Ministers are due to go to court with the EU in order to prevent the European Commission from straying beyond its original remit and yet, such a requirement is clear evidence that Brussels has over-stepped its mark.

Each year more and more EU Commissioners are appointed; none of whom are elected. MEPs are made up of ‘failed’ politicians from other member EU states all of which are awarded outrageous salaries at our expense.

Britain is not the only European nation who feels like Brussels continues to assert its authorities over what it may or may not do and many feel that Brussels now threatens their very existence of being sovereign states as more and more legislation is piled on them which contravenes and usurps their own national laws.

Mr. Grieve has always been viewed by those who know and work with him, as a very moderate man and one that will consider issues extremely carefully before providing an opinion; this then, can only enforce the public’s belief that the EU is more foe than friend when Mr. Grieve openly condemns the EU Commission.

“I am frankly astonished at how EU institutions have attempted to reduce the freedom of action of sovereign member states.

Time and time again, we see cases where European institutions engage in “turf wars” – in some cases, quite flagrantly.

To put it bluntly, the UK plays by the rules and we expect others to do so too. This is something we take very seriously.

We have brought a number of legal challenges to protect our interests and we will not shy away from doing so in future.”  Attorney General Dominic Grieve

Such a message can only fuel the public’s growing distrust in the EU and again result in louder calls for an EU referendum.

There are a growing number of people; from businesses to the public and politicians, who feel that it is time to pull out of the EU before the Commissioners are allowed to destroy the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

The idea of having the ability to trade freely is in fact healthy for Britain and other countries but when an entity attempts to take over and merge all independent nations into one smelting pot, then such can never work – the cultural divide alone won’t allow it.

Attorney General Dominic GrieveIt is widely accepted that EU Commissioners are merely appointed with no allowance for the public to vote in or out Commissioners from their positions.

All EU Commissioners receive vast pay awards and access to lucrative expense accounts without truly being held accountable to the taxpayer – there is frankly nothing democratic about the EU; it is however, little more than a tyrannical despot dictatorship that is slowly but surely plunging European nations into financial despair and in the process attempting to control their every movement.

Mr. Grieve warned that if Brussels is allowed to continue boosting its control, then it is inevitable that come 2017, when David Cameron will be forced by legislation to provide an EU referendum, that it is almost certain the public will call for a complete opt-out.

Increasingly people are asking what good is the EU; after all, those running it only appear interested in helping themselves to taxpayers money which produces no tangible results for the taxpayer.

The issue remains that whilst we adapt to the increasing levels of EU regulation and taxation required to keep the EU afloat, we run the very real risk of not only losing our identity but also bankrupting Britain in the process.

There are a growing number of people who remain convinced that come 2017 Britain’s debt will be at such a level that we may not be able to leave the EU, for it will be the EU that we rely on to bail us out and that indebtedness will further allow the EU to impose even more regulations upon Britain and its citizens.

You might think that Brussels might have had something to say about Mr. Grieve’s comments and yet they have remained deathly silent; such is seen as a clear admission to what its ultimate end goal is and that is to unite Europe under a centralised government known as the European Parliament – Adolf Hitler attempted such a coup in 1939 – 1945 but did it with arms; this time it’s being attempted by cohesion, debt and mountains of legislation.

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