Banks Accused of Being Fundamentally Corrupt

Banks Accused of Being Fundamentally Corrupt

The UK’s biggest banks were last night accused of being ‘fundamentally corrupt’ after selling worthless insurance to up to two million customers.

The victims included vulnerable customers who had contacted their bank after their credit card had been lost or stolen.

They were then duped into paying for insurance to protect themselves against fraudulent transactions made on their replacement card.

But the insurance was useless as banks are legally obliged to refund fraudulent payments to customers anyway.

Source: Daily Mail


Why am I not surprised at this latest accusation?  For many the banking institutions have long been seen as greedy, corrupt and above all immoral in the way they do business and invariably it is the average customer who continues to be fleeced … there is a growing sense of reality that the bankers know no end to their own greed.

It was of course greed and illicit practices that eventually brought down the banking industry in 2008 to which our governments, without our consent and in fact in direct opposition, handed out billions of our money to keep these crooked and immoral entities afloat; it should now be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the conspiracy theorists are not nut jobs but critical thinkers and fully aware of how much power the banks wield over governments on a global scale.

You only have to look at the way in which banks create money out of nothing; if a member of the public tried to pull off such a stunt they would be imprisoned for the crime of counterfeiting and yet the banks engage in the practice all the time.

For a greater insight into how the banking system works and how it affects you take a look at the video below for this reveals just how powerful the banking institutions are and how they often profit from the most immoral practices known to man.

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