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Banned from Driving Eight Times and then Killed Woman in Hit and Run

Banned from Driving Eight Times and then Killed Woman in Hit and Run

BANNED FROM DRIVING EIGHT TIMES AND THEN KILLED WOMAN IN HIT AND RUN – Yesterday Stephen Palmer, pictured below, was jailed for just five and a half years for murdering Louise Clark after he lost control of his car, due to excessive speed, which left Louise on a life support machine for seven days before the decision was taken to turn it off.

Witnesses at the scene reported how Palmer was ‘driving like an idiot’ and despite the eight time ban this didn’t prevent him from getting behind the wheel.

At the scene of the murder Miss Clark, 38, was trapped inside the vehicle as rescue workers furiously worked to free her from the wreckage. Miss Clark was air-lifted to hospital suffering two broken legs and serious brain injury to which she never recovered.

Banned from driving 8 times didn't stop Palmer from killing an innocent motorist. Murdered by Stephen Palmer who had been banned from driving 8 times.

Witnesses described the events as Palmer lost control at high speed in a Honda Civic, of which he borrowed from a friend, in Uxbridge, West London and ploughed head on into Louise Clark’s car.

“She was a gregarious young woman, deeply loved by those that knew her. There was no attempt to go to Miss Clark with succour or call the emergency services and your driving record is appalling.” Judge John Dennis

Palmer had a string of motoring offense including dangerous driving after crashing into a home at high-speed when trying to avoid police during one incident.  On the other occasions his list of motoring offenses include drink driving, driving while disqualified, driving without a licence, driving without insurance and car theft.

After the accident Palmer fled the scene but through eyewitnesses he was quickly identified, tracked down and arrested.

I have a real problem writing articles such as this as it is difficult to keep my amazement at the injustice of all this and keep my anger in check.

Where to start with my views?  Let me start off by asking you not to tell me I am wrong when I used the word ‘murder’ above and on more than one occasion.  While we as a society like to label this an accident; it is in my view nothing of the kind, but rather it was cold and calculated murder.

UK Justice

Palmer was banned from driving no less than eight times and the fact that he has never acquired a driving licence in the first place is testament to his complacency for the law and the safety of other road users.  His actions, which were illegal, caused the death of an innocent person not through an unfortunate set of circumstance but rather by design and intent.

Do you still think this was an accident?

There is a reason we are required by law to take driving lessons, pass a theory  and practical test, and that is to teach us to drive to a safe standard and learn that a motor vehicle in the hands of the ignorant and inept is nothing less than akin to walking around with a loaded gun.

Society, in my view, can label this with whatever they want; in this case an accident, if that is what makes their conscience feel any better; but for me, knowingly getting behind the wheel while legally not being permitted to do so clearly shows ‘intent’ and therefore if a life is taken in the process the charge should be that of ‘premeditated murder’ and as such there should be only one justifiable sentence, either life or better yet the death penalty.

As far as his ‘friends’ lending Palmer their vehicle, they also should be held as an accessory to murder and therefore face a minimum of 25 years.

The tragedy here is that an innocent woman has lost her life and with Palmer’s clear attitude towards the law it is more than likely he’ll be out in less than 3 years and once again on the roads with the clear intend of murdering his next victim.

We need a change in the law, one that takes out the Liberal-Left view that criminals are a product of unfortunate circumstance and treat them as they are… criminals who need to face real justice.

Would really like your take on the article so feel free to leave your comments below.

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  • Simon

    I know the family of Louise, it’s a disgrace – apparently his sentance has been cut further and he will be out in 18 months. The law is a joke, this is murder and I can’t believe someone with such a terrible record could be dealt with so leniently.

    • meebal

      Hi Simon, firstly as a friend of the family please accept my condolences for the loss of Louise.

      As you can see at we like to report the news, giving the facts, but also giving a personal view. I certainly don’t want turning into a news rag with just the usual reporting of the facts. What journalists often fail to do, in my opinion, is to report the news on a personal level and give a personal point of view.

      Louise could easily have been my sister, my niece and or my friend and therefore it’s news articles like this that really compel me to write as no family should be put through the anguish the Louise’s friends and family are going through.

      In my view Simon this is nothing less than premeditated murder. He knew full well he should never have used a car, let alone be so reckless with it. As for his friends who lent him the car, and as I pointed out in the article, they should be serving 25 years for accessory to premeditated murder.

      You are right there appears to be little justice for the victims and yet often the rights of the criminal take precedence.

      I wish there was something else I could say to make you feel better or to take some of the grief away, but I know no words will really help. Please, if you have the time, pass on my sincerest condolences to Louise’s family.

      Graham Briar