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Barclays Customer Data Leaked

Barclays Customer Data Leaked

BARCLAYS CUSTOMER DATA LEAKED – Yesterday Barclays Bank suffered unprecedented humiliation after a whistleblower contacted the Mail On Sunday to reveal that Barclays data centres had been breached resulting in up to 27,000 files with highly sensitive customer detail being stolen.

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According to the report never in the history of banking has such a large quantity of customer data ever been stolen and as yet Barclays are still not sure how the data was stolen.

The issue now is for Barclays customers to be fully aware that some are likely to be targets to all manner of investment scams.

The whistleblower, not identified, told the Mail On Sunday that this type of illegal trade is perpetrated all the time in the City and that the public needs to be fully aware of the financial dangers; with greater public awareness the risks are reduced significantly.

The customer data stolen includes all manner of highly sensitive information including a customer’s insurance policies, earnings, mortgage details, savings, national insurance details, passport detail and much more; to put this into perspective each document of a customer’s personal information is approximately 20 pages in length.

Whilst Barclays is co-operating with the police in order to determine who and how they accessed and stole the data, this will come as little comfort to the customers that are going to be targeted by rouge City traders.

Barclays, if found in breach of banking rules or a lapse in their security system, will face unlimited fines but this will come as little comfort to the 27,000 customers affected;  Barclays is now compiling a list of those customers affected in order to make contact and advice them of the breach and what they should do if contacted by anyone selling investments, insurance or other financial services.

Since the departure of Barclays CEO Bob Diamond, over his part in the Libor interesting rigging, the new CEO Anthony Jenkins has been working hard to restore customer confidence and trust in the bank; indeed Mr. Jenkins even turned down his recent annual bonus of £2.7 million as part of his plans to restore customer faith.

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Barclays Customer Data Leaked