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Barman Attempts to Put Tony Blair Under Citizens Arrest for Crimes Against Peace

Barman Attempts to Put Tony Blair Under Citizens Arrest for Crimes Against Peace

BARMAN ATTEMPTS TO PUT TONY BLAIR UNDER CITIZENS ARREST FOR CRIMES AGAINST PEACE – A barman, Twiggy Garcia, at Tramshed restaurant located in east London, attempted to place Tony Blair under citizen’s arrest whilst he dined with his family.

As Mr. Garcia placed his hands on Tony Blair’s shoulders he then uttered the words; “Mr. Blair this is a citizen’s arrest for a crime against peace, namely your decision to launch an unprovoked war against Iraq.”

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The very first thing to say here would be to congratulate Twiggy Garcia for having a spine where other’s, especially Blair’s cronies and society, are evidently lacking… well done Mr. Garcia.

Twiggy Garcia - Attempted Citizens Arrest on Tony Blair


Image: Twiggy Garcia; the man who attempted to place Tony Blair under citizen’s arrest for crimes against humanity.

The issues over the legalities of invading Iraq are likely never to be revealed; this will go down in the history books as one of the great conspiracies alongside the assassination of J. F. Kennedy, the death of Marylyn Monroe and whether the U.S Government really does have a spaceship hidden in Area 51 from the Roswell incident in 1947.

We’ve already witnessed Sir Jeremy Heywood, a long time friend and ally of Tony Blair, refusing to release documents so that the Chilcot Inquiry could be completed.

Regardless of the recent revelations that Sir Jeremy is now going to hand over such documents these will of course contain mostly ‘blacked out’ paragraphs to ensure that the truth is never really revealed; for if Tony Blair is ever tried at The Hague then all his cronies will be standing right along next to him.


Iraq War Cover Up: Chilcot Inquiry Gets Buried

Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq War sees Progress

Yes, in the event Tony Blair was ever to face trial for his war crimes and what is tantamount to mass murder then he will squeal like a stuck pig and ensure that when he finally swings from the end of a rope, as in the same fate of Saddam Hussein, he won’t be alone.

Mr. Garcia told Vice magazine that he attempted to engage Mr. Blair into a debate but unfortunately one of his son’s called for security.  Graciously, in order not to cause a scene, Mr. Garcia left the restaurant.

As with the well known catchphrase from the XFiles… ‘The truth is out there’; but unfortunately politicians are not interested in the truth for such a revelation would undoubtedly see so many facing trials for war crimes and indeed crimes against humanity.

We human’s really do like to see ourselves as the superior species but clearly when the likes of Tony Blair are not only allowed to walk away from what most perceive as mass murder it tells a very sorry state of humanity.

Of course when it comes to the political arena there is none more corrupt, perverse nor full of indignation for public sentiment than the United Nations, in what can only be described as one of the most offensive and heinous acts ever to be committed, they set about making Tony Blair the UN Peace Envoy for the Middle East… and you wonder why the Muslim hate us with such venom?

Despite Mr. Blair’s wealth and lofty position he was also that man that advised David Cameron to move in and engage in missile strikes against Syria.  Yes, despite the title of ‘Peace Envoy’ Mr. Blair after getting a taste of blood in Iraq, wanted to exercise his blood-lust further by condemning even more people to death on a whim.

You might think that after effectively murdering over 500,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children, plus sending hundreds of troops to their death he would have quenched his thirst but like most dictators and power hungry despots there will never be enough to satisfy his level of depravity.

Again we applaud Mr. Garcia but frankly if society had any moral fortitude left then it would have forced the British and U.S Government to reveal the entire truth; regardless of how damning it might be, for justice can only ever come from the enlightenment of truth.

Remember if you kill a person you are a murderer, if you kill several you are a serial killer but if you are a politician that engages in what is little more than genocide then you’re a ‘peace envoy’.

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