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Barroso Declares EU is NOT at Blame for UK Floods

Barroso Declares EU is NOT at Blame for UK Floods

BARROSO DECLARES EU IS NOT AT BLAME FOR UK FLOODS – You might be wondering how Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, could possibly be blamed for what is little more than an act of nature.

During Mr. Barroso’s speech yesterday he defended the EU stating Brussels cannot be blamed for the floods; he was of course not referring to an act of nature but rather the incessant EU policies that prevented the Environment Agency (EA) from protecting homes and business because the priority of Brussels policies was to protect the wildlife in the rivers.

A series of EU polices have in fact made dredging Britain’s rivers ‘uneconomic’; in other words the EU regulations are so obtuse that it is no longer affordable to implement flood protection and the priority of wildlife protection takes precedence.

I’m not sure about you but I’m passionate about caring for our wildlife.  Mankind has spread like a cancer over the landscape and there is no denying the damage we have done to the environment and in the process effectively wiping out thousands of species and putting many more at risk from extinction.

The floods could be viewed as Mother Nature’s way of simply trying to redress the balance and claw back space for other inhabitants; maybe it’s time we started to pay more attention to other life rather than just our own.

Yes it’s a nice thought but with technology and effort there is no reason why we cannot live in harmony with the wildlife around us whilst ensuring we don’t suffer the consequence of such devastating weather patterns.

What I find disturbing here is the fact that we need laws in intricate detail telling us what we can and cannot do by Brussels; it’s almost as if the British public are nothing short of retarded children who are incapable of rational thought and therefore responsibility.

We’ve already had Vice-President of European Commission Viviane Reding tell us in a conference speech earlier this week that the British are too ignorant to be given an EU referendum.

It is the view of Ms. Reding that the British simply do not have a full grasp on what the EU is about and that without Brussels constantly monitoring and producing laws the British people would simply run riot and destroy their country… whoever stated that the Third Reich was defeated in 1945 obviously hasn’t looked carefully at the creation of the European Union and how Britain and other member states have fallen foul to its totalitarian control.


British Too Ignorant to be Allowed an EU Referendum

And what is David Cameron’s response to all of this?  As a staunch supporter of the EU he’s not going to axe any of the 550 EA jobs and that the EA Secretary Lord Smith’s job was also safe… this is in despite the fact that the entire EA is obsolete due to EU policies.

Of course Mr. Cameron doesn’t want any suggestions of pulling out of the EU for this allows him and other Government officials to sit back and do nothing and then point the finger of blame across the Channel.

It is clear that Britain is no longer in control of its own sovereign affairs as the tide of EU legislation turns into little more than a Tsunami of policies that will eventually wash any sovereign identity and control that currently remain.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has called for a public inquiry regarding the EU polices that have make it almost impossible to dredge rivers.  According to Mr. Farage the EA is being restricted from protecting homes and businesses by a plethora of EU directives and despite the damage Mr. Barroso remains insistent that the UK is better off as an EU member.

Currently the only thing the British public can do is brace themselves for yet more atrocious weather as the Met Office declares that more storms are on the way and that there is no sign of an end to the rain, wind and snow.

No doubt it will come as immense comfort to those suffering to know that all Government officials, both at home and in the EU, won’t be suffering the same fate as those in the Somerset Levels and other flood hit areas.

The only comfort for the British people is the realisation that come 2015 we can get rid of Mr. Cameron and hopefully the EU shortly after.

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