BBC Condemned for Giving Anjem Choudary Airtime

BBC Condemned for Giving Anjem Choudary Airtime

BBC CONDEMNED FOR GIVING ANJEM CHOUDARY AIRTIME – Once again the BBC invited Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary to appear on the BBC’s Radio 4 programme to be interviewed by John Humphreys.

The topic was of course the murder of Lee Rigby and was to probe Anjem Choudary’s views and indeed see if he would finally condemn his murder by Islamic terrorists.

Anjem Choudary once again defends the actions of Islamic Terrorists and in particular Michael Adebolajo the Islamic terrorist who murdered Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

Anjem Choudary once again defends the actions of Islamic Terrorists and in particular Michael Adebolajo the Islamic terrorist who murdered Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

It was of course the usual hate fueled rhetoric in which Anjem Choudary placed the blame squarely on David Cameron and British Foreign Policy that continues to allow for the murder of Muslims and the occupation of Muslim territory.

The public are understandably irate that the BBC feels that it is appropriate to continuously give Anjem Choudary airtime in order to fuel and spread his views of hate and will once again be a sign to the public that the BBC continues to display contempt for the licence fee payers views.

Predictably within hours of Anjem Choudary being given prime airtime on Radio 4, the Muslim Council of Britain came out to condemn the BBC and claimed that the BBC was ‘unwise’ adding the community is united in its condemnation of the Woolwich murder.

In a further statement to the MailOnline the Muslim Council of Britain told reporters; “The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby was truly a barbaric act. Muslim communities then, as now, were united in their condemnation of this crime.

According to the Muslim Council of Britain the likes of Anjem Choudary are an extremely small minority and certainly do not reflect the views of the average British Muslim.

In all honesty I feel that the British public are wrong to condemn the BBC for inviting Anjem Choudary to speak on Radio 4 and for two very good reasons.

Firstly, despite how we feel about Anjem Choudary and his hateful views towards a nation that provides him with a safe haven and social welfare he had a democratic right to air his views.

If we attempt to silence Anjem Choudary or his ilk we run a very real danger of destroying the very fabric of free speech.

In the day that followed the murder of Lee Rigby, a British Soldier, in Woolwich a known radicalization group called for Al-Shabaab based in Somalia, where Michael Adebolajo attempted to visit and join last year, has thousands of videos that are designed to radicalize young and impressionable people and is a clear danger to society.

Image: Circled above  Michael Adebolajo; one of the Muslim terrorists responsible for murdering Lee Rigby

We have already seen movements to prevent people from speaking out through the ever increasing legislation that is supported by the liberal progressives who feel that ‘political correctness’ is a way to effectively silence us.

Secondly, we have a clear choice, either we listen carefully to vile that Anjem Choudary narrates in order to clearly determine just how hateful and dangerous he is or we continue to stick our fingers in our ears singing la la la in the hope that terrorism will somehow miraculously disappear if the likes of Anjem Choudary are silenced.

We need to supply Anjem Choudary with all the rope he wants for the more we provide the easier it is for him to finally hang himself with his own hateful rhetoric.

Look closely at British society; it is clear that the multicultural cohesive utopia doesn’t exist. Listen carefully at how the Muslim Council of Britain continuously claims that Anjem Choudary is but a minority but then look even closer and you will quickly determine that despite their statement they do nothing in order to suppress Anjem Choudary’s ability to attract Muslims willing to murder and fail also to provide the authorities with insightful information in order to help eradicate terrorist related activities.

Dr. Martin Luther King once states… “Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but rather by the content of his character.”  If such a notion is to stand then it’s time the Muslim Council of Britain took to the streets to oust all those Muslims who would openly engage in acts of terrorism.

Anjem Choudary does have a point in that we have no real business occupying Muslim territory and how David Cameron could ever come to the conclusion that our involvement in Afghanistan has been a success is beyond any rationale.


Cameron Declares Afghanistan as ‘Mission Accomplished’

It has long been clear what Britain needs to ensure that terrorism becomes a thing of the past is for the British Government to pull out of all Muslim territory and then systematically revoke British citizenship from the likes of Anjem Choudary and deport them to a Muslim land that they purports to love and cherish so much that he is prepared to call upon Muslim brothers to take up arms against us.

We need to listen carefully to what the likes of Anjem Choudary has to say in order to finally understand what he and his Muslim brothers want; I say we should give it to them and finally rid Britain of Anjem Choudary and his followers.

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