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BBC Lambasted for Excessive Coverage of Nelson Mandela’s Death

BBC Lambasted for Excessive Coverage of Nelson Mandela’s Death

BBC LAMBASTED FOR EXCESSIVE COVERAGE OF NELSON MANDELA’S DEATH – I doubt anyone would disagree with the statements being made by the media around the world calling Nelson Mandela one of the greatest humanitarians of our time.

When news broke of Nelson Mandela’s death we at wrote one single article that announced his death and the tributes world leaders were paying to him.

I’m afraid that’s all there was to write about on the subject; it’s obvious that South Africa is in a state of national mourning but how may ways can you paint the same picture?

It appears that the BBC felt that our every waking moment should be taken up with the death of Nelson Mandela, his life and triumphs by producing over 100 programmes on Mandela in just one week.

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According to some reports the BBC received nearly 2,000 complaints from viewers and radio listeners over what they considered excessive coverage.

In our view too much information can end up tainting the situation and in this case many will be now be delighted when Nelson Mandela is buried so that we might move on to other subjects of global importance.

Yes, that might sound like an awful thing to say for a man who gave so much and finally united South Africa… or did he?

I personally refused to cover the spectacle of Nelson Mandela’s memorial for it was nothing short of a circus and an opportunity for the world’s leaders to congregate to disrespect Nelson Mandela’s memory.

Yes you know what I’m talking about… the tasteless way that Mr. Cameron, Mr. Obama and Ms. HelleThorning-Schmidt engaged in a ‘selfie’ during the memorial; not exactly a fitting tribute to a man who tirelessly promoted peace, not just in South Africa but around the world.

Nelson Mandela Memorial - Cameron - Obama - Thorning-Schmidt

It could be said that Jacob Zuma turning up at Nelson Mandela’s memorial was nothing short of the icing on the cake as far as insults go; after all Mr. Zuma is a man that lives a lavish lifestyle whilst much of the population live in abject poverty.

Earlier I posed the question as to whether Nelson Mandela really did unite South Africa for such a notion appears unlikely considering the people have allowed Mr. Zuma to retain office under what is little more than a regime of oppression.

As I watched coverage of Nelson Mandela’s memorial I wondered if any of the world’s leaders in attendance had the slightest idea of what Nelson Mandela stood for and what he wanted to achieve.

Looking around the faces of the world leader’s one thing became clear; the memorial was little more than an excuse to mix it up with old friends at the expense of others and there was not a single face in the political arena that didn’t in fact taint the memory of Nelson Mandela in some form or another.

Whilst the BBC continues to waste the licence fee payer’s money there is quite frankly nothing more to cover on the issue of Nelson Mandela’s passing and yet I suspect the BBC will continue to milk this particular event for all it’s worth without providing the public with any real information that hasn’t already been said a thousand times before.

It’s time to lay Nelson Mandela to rest and simply say thank you for the humanitarian he was; a light that will hopefully never be extinguished but whether we’ve managed to learn anything from his life and light is of course an entirely different matter.

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