BBC Sacks Veteran DJ Over Racist Song

by Editor | May 11, 2014 3:06 am

BBC SACKS VETERAN DJ OVER RACIST SONG – It’s not surprising that the Daily Mail this morning accused the BBC of appalling double standards after sacking veteran DJ David Lowe for playing the old version of ‘The Sun Has Got His Hat On’ which contains the word ‘nigger’.

The actual verseHe’s been tanning nigger out in Timbuktu, now he’s coming back to do the same to you.’

Now over the last few weeks we’ve vehemently defended Jeremy Clarkson over his alleged racist remarks.  Frankly the religious and ethnic sensitivity in the UK today is simply insidious for there is a growing left-wing movement that is fully supported by the left-wing middle class imbeciles in the BBC.

We firmly believe that each and every news service has its place in society in order to support democracy and free speech but if you are looking for impartiality then forget tuning in to the BBC for not only is it not impartial it is clearly far left-wing.

It could be argued that is not exactly impartial but that’s our prerogative for we are not a publicly funded organisation; like The Guardian, The Daily Mail and indeed any other news service you care to mention we are a privately run business and therefore have a right to err on any side we choose.

On that note if you care to take a look around you will see that we really don’t take the sides of any political model for each are deeply flawed in our view.

In the case of David Lowe, a man who has been working for the BBC for the last 32 years, his sacking if frankly a despicable and cowardly act by his bosses for the incident didn’t get thousands of complaints, it didn’t even get hundreds; in fact there was just ONE, yes just one complaint that compelled the BBC to sack David Lowe.

What hasn’t been revealed is the ethnicity of the person who made the complaint but we suspect it wasn’t from a black person and we have good reason for this suspicion.

The word ‘nigger’ is rarely used by white people; yes it might appear shocking but in fact the word is profusely used throughout the black community and if they find it so offensive then why is it used on such a wide spread scale?

David Lowe immediately apologised for his error and stated that he didn’t know the version contained such a racial slur.  Unfortunately the apology was not enough to avoid being sacked and yet again the true face of the BBC comes shinning through for despite the alleged repeated offenses by Jeremy Clarkson the BBC decided not to sack him.

The reason is clear… David Lowe’s Sunday Night Golden Oldies show does not attract anywhere near the audience or revenue than Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear does and so effectively the BBC are prepared to over look certain discretions providing they rake in the cash that ultimately supports the left-wing middle class spineless cowards at the BBC.

In the video below Pat Condell gives, in our opinion, a true reflection of what the BBC has become and indeed why we at support the idea of the BBC being stripped of its Royal Charter that effectively allows it to steal money from the taxpayer by insisting that anyone owning a television must pay a ransom to the corporation; in our view it is nothing more than legalised theft.

There are some quarters in society that sincerely believe Britain has progressed; yes we refer to these as the ‘progressives’.

Sadly this isn’t the case for what they have achieved, in the mainstream, is to make people fearful enough not to speak out and the BBC is a classic example.

So many people bang the drum of democracy and then cower in the corner as soon as the ‘progressives’ accuse them of racism or bigotry; yes we have according to Pat Condell become a society of craven cowards and we fully agree.

People often ask us why UKIP is on the rise; some accuse Nigel Farage of being a racist but that of course only ever comes from the left-wing progressives who really don’t have a political point to make but rather hide behind an ideology born out of fear.

UKIP is on the rise because people are sick and tired of being dictated to; not just by our EU masters but also from successive Governments who support multiculturalism and then unabashedly slanders anyone with ‘racism’ who happens to disagree with the idea.

Considering the BBC’s actions of sacking David Lowe, over just one complaint, it is clear that the BBC has no interest in democracy or your rights.  It is time the BBC was disbanded for it is becoming as dangerous to society as a Muslim fanatic with a bomb vest in a crowded public place.

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