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Bed Technology Tracking Your Sleep Patterns

Bed Technology Tracking Your Sleep Patterns

BED TECHNOLOGY TRACKING YOUR SLEEP PATTERNS – Would you like to know how much tossing and turning you are doing in the night or whether it is you or your partner who is rattling the rafters with their snoring?  A sleep tracking system, that is very similar to what doctors use has recently come on the market that will monitor your sleep patterns and send the data to your smartphone.

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Now this is one invention that I would make good use of; not that I snore…… of course not, but because there are many nights that sleep eludes me.  Just like thousands of other people, more time is spent tossing and turning or lying awake staring at the ceiling than actually sleeping and the sleep tracker could be used to help change that.

The monitor itself is a thin protected wire that lays between the mattress and sheet making it virtually undetectable and you won’t get tangled up in it while slipping in and out of bed.  The sleep tracker system runs under $200 and can be used on any size bed making it possible to share the device with other family members or friends.

With this handy monitoring system, anyone could effectively track their sleep patterns to become more aware of how little sleep they are really managing to fit in before the next day’s activities.  By effectively keeping track of your sleep, heart rate, breathing rhythm, movements, snoring and bedroom noise and light, a person would be able to take this data and use it to make changes in their sleeping routine.

This device could be the first step in taking charge of your health in the privacy of your home and by keeping a journal of our daily activities, what we’ve eaten and when, along with the results of the monitoring system it would seem that most of us could take a doctor visit out of the equation.

Journaling would be a natural companion to using the sleep monitor since what we eat and drink affects our sleep, what type of day we have had and even how regular we are to keeping a nighttime schedule.  By using both methods to pinpoint patterns that disrupt our sleep and activities that may induce a better night’s sleep, most of us could break and conquer sleepless nights.

If the time came that a visit to the doctor was in your best interests, , you would be better equipped to share with him what was going on and any methods you have tried to resolve the situation.

According to studies, more than 65% of the population is living a sleep deprived life and it’s not from not enough time spent in bed, but from not enough quality sleep once you turn in; so if you are among the 65% know that you are not alone.

For the past ten years we have been hearing news, updates and about the latest medicines and techniques for those who suffer from sleep apnea and although it is a real diagnosis, there are other conditions that may be coming into play.

Most of us are heavier than we should be, in fact many nations are now considered filled with a chronically overweight and obese population and that in itself makes getting comfortable a challenge and has to hamper the ability to breathe correctly which would naturally result in snoring or waking up to gasp for air, shifting positions and then falling back to sleep.

Don’t forget about the “late-night snacks,” the after date nightcaps, stressful days at work or not enough exercise to be tired enough to sleep.  Acid reflux, heartburn even headaches can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Taking charge of your health is getting easier all the time with new advances in research and technology and there is no reason why anyone should suffer from a lack of sleep with so much available at our fingertips.

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