Behind and Beyond Google Algorithms

Behind and Beyond Google Algorithms

BEHIND AND BEYOND GOOGLE ALGORITHMS - Before I go on to explain the terminologies of Google’s ever increasing array and updates to their algorithms you must understand two simple truths:

1. Google rules the web – many feel that Google has become the fascist regime of the digital age.

2. Google doesn’t want competition – enter any type of service, such as a news service – which Google are heavily into and they will do whatever takes to remove the competition.

Once you grasp the simple concept that Google continues to add and update its penalty algorithms for its own benefit then maybe you stand a chance, but while you continue to tweak, change and adapt to Google’s algorithms, which will constantly change, your online business is not going to go anywhere as you continue to focus on getting a decent ranking in Google whilst ignoring the reasons why you set up a website in the first place – to entertain, inform or sell to your visitors.


Trying to understand the thinking and reasoning behind Google's algorithms.

Designed to penalize you for having back-links – that is having other website carrying a link to your website where Google feels it is inappropriate.  What you need to understand is that Google insisted you should have back-links in order to ramp up your PageRank; and therefore your overall rankings in the search results.

OK, it has to be said that maybe Google was a little short-sighted and didn’t realize that people would head out and start buying links in order to comply with Google’s plans to make you work night and day scouring the web trying to find back-links.  It was, as any idiot could clearly see, that 99% of all web owners don’t have the time to mess around searching for back-links and so an industry popped up which allow web owners to buy links.

Was Google aware of what was going to happen?  Well any smart person would tell you that this was only ever going to be the case.  So now Google moves the goal posts and now penalizes websites for what it, Google, deems as low quality, unnatural or bad neighborhood back-linking.  Yep you guessed it, now you have to waste more of your time running around trying to remove all the back-links that you spent months accumulating and lots of money buying.

So where is your site ranking now?  Oh yes, that’s right, it isn’t because you got penalized for something that Google specifically asked you to do then decided it really didn’t like the idea that your website was advancing, so changed its mind.  But that’s OK  you no doubt have millions in the bank so what’s the problem of spending a few bucks having to remove all those links?  I’m sure you’re more than delighted with Google’s decision.



This generally refers to having advertisements ‘Above the Fold’ – so anywhere near the top of the page.  Google really does contradict itself here on a number of counts:

1.  If you run Google AdSense on your site then AdSense will tell you that the most valuable real estate on your website it above the fold.  So if you want to generate good levels of income from your traffic, using AdSense or indeed any other type of advertising, to help generate an income then this is where you should place an advertisement.

2. If you do place an advertisement, as recommended by Google Adsense, then Google Search will penalise you in the Page Layout Algorithm, plain and simple.  Interesting to note Google Search displays the first 3 or 4 results as Advertisements, along with stuffing their right hand sidebar with advertisements without a second thought but if you try this you will get seriously penalized – What is good for the Goose is not good for the Gander.

Remember who you are dealing with… Google couldn’t care less if your website makes it or not providing everything you do does not conflict with Google’s interests – which are often conflicting across its services.



This mainly targets websites with spun or duplicate content.  Just because Google crawls the web duplicating content for its own financial gain 24/7 doesn’t mean you can do it.  In fact, according to Google, unless your content is ‘Unique’ then the page or entire website will receive a penalty so severe that you might as well be living on the dark side of the moon – and let’s face it boys and girls there ain’t no traffic there!

Think about Google for one second – where does all of the information that fills its pages come from?  That’s right from your website and millions and millions of other websites.  Google spends all its time crawling the web gather information you wrote so that it can display to its users – Google is the largest ‘Farmed Content’ website on the planet which breaks every single algorithm it creates and imposes on you without  a second thought.  Guess you’re kind of feeling a little raped, and so you should be as Google is making billions of dollars a year from your hard work and without so much as a thank you.

Now this is just a taste, Google has in fact over 200 algorithms which are updated on a regular basis.  Google’s take on this is that all are designed to make their users search more accurate and rewarding, delivering only unique and quality content to the user.  That may all seem fair and good but there are so many loopholes in their thinking such as “What gives Google the right to determine what is useful and what is not useful to the user?”  Some may say, and rightly so, that this is entirely up to Google – what it does with its business is their affair but unfortunately for 99% of web owners we cannot impose the same rules upon Google… Or can we?

I have read so many anti-Google articles in just the last year I could fill an Olympic stadium and it’s amazing to see how many suggest that web owners should collectively come together and BLOCK Google from crawling their website and even go as far as demanding that Google either remove their ‘stolen’ content from their index or face legal action.  Could this be the answer?

Well logically yes it could but that would require in excess of 70% of the worlds websites all doing this together – this would result in Google not being able to deliver much in the way of search results  which would then move the user to use another search system such as Bing – who quite frankly will also make you dance a jig to their tune.

So is there any alternative other than having to spend most of your time trying to get into Google’s good graces?; knowing that once you do Google will just go ahead and find another way to relegate your website the to dark quarters of cyber space.

Again, there appears to be a very affirmative yes to this question, and one that is proving to work well for many websites – Social Media.  You have a huge array of social websites at your disposal and all you need to do is tap into relevant interest groups.  Think about Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn and so many more and all that can deliver relevant and quality traffic to your website free of charge, with just a little effort – you just press the share button!  No more having to spend hours tweaking your pages to comply, no more having to re-tweak pages just because Google changed its algorithms.

Note carefully how much time, effort and cash Google has spent trying to dislodge Facebook as the No.1 Social Network.  After Google couldn’t buy it they simply decided that they would use their massive resources against Facebook – and failed spectacularly!  If Google had ever managed to get its hands on Facebook the damage to web owners would have increased 10 fold as Google would have simply applied its algorithms to Facebook therefore making gaining traffic difficult for anyone except Google.

When I set up I wanted to create a place where people could have their say.  For me the web was always supposed to be a channel of democracy and the freedom to express your views openly without fear of reprisal and if Google or any other search engine, such as Bing, doesn’t like it and wants to remove from its index then personally I couldn’t care less., if it is to grow, will grow by a social means; that is people like you sharing its content on the Social Networks. does NOT go out of its way to comply with Google because of two primary reasons:

1. doesn’t belong to Google and I refuse to have some faceless corporation dictate to me on what I can and cannot do.

2. I refuse to spend days, weeks, months or even years wasting my time trying to appease some computer program while all the time it is being changed with the one purpose of just to waste more of my precious time.  It ain’t going to happen.

What really amazes me is the amount of times you hear the phrase “Google Recovery”, that is people trying to recover their rankings after a penalty –  think about how many websites right now are trying to “RECOVER” and think about all the thousands and millions of man hours that are wasted every time Google tweaks and updates its algorithms.

What is the matter with people, why would you bother when there are other perfectly good ways to driving traffic to your website – Oh, you’re going to give me the argument about how much time this would take to make it worthwhile… Well how much time do you spend in vain trying to crawl up Google’s rankings just so they can throw you a bone?

Unless you have nothing all else to do with your time then Google is a waste of space and serves very little function on the web other than scrapping your content, messing people around and wasting their time – and to be honest, with all the algorithmic changes I still see Google displaying what are very questionable results regarding the keywords I type in.

Now you may not agree with anything I have said here and that’s fine with me.  Yes, it’s even a little raw in places, but tough, that’s my God given right to freedom of expression. On the other hand you might think I’ve made some good points.  Again that’s fine with me – we all have opinions and views, but whatever yours are I want you to exert yourself by pressing the Social Buttons and sharing this article because even though you might be too lazy to do so you need to realize that change can never be affected if people do not communicate – so share this now and let others come to their own conclusion.

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