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Being an American Citizen

Being an American Citizen

BEING AN AMERICAN CITIZEN – What does it mean to be an American?  It means something different to everyone living here, but for the vast majority it is the pride of being part of a country that was founded on freedom, a country that has made history and a country that works hard at making the lives of others-not just Americans but around the world, safer.

Some would argue that America is just a continent; that it is a country filled with corrupt politicians, greedy corporations and dirty, crime-filled streets and in some ways they are correct, but it is filled even higher with people who come together on National holidays like the National Day of Prayer and the Fourth of July to honor and thank God and our military sons and daughters for keeping us safe and protecting our freedoms.  Filled with those who will help countries hit by natural disasters and most important of all, with those who still believe we are the greatest nation and would never want to live anywhere else.

America is a country.  Being American is an attitude; an attitude of honor, pride and brotherhood.  It is knowing and feeling in your heart that no matter what comes our way we will fight it together, side by side-shoulder to shoulder, as a nation.

So as an American, how does a cartoon like this make you feel?

Being an American Citizen

To be honest it saddens me, knowing there are several religions like the Amish and Jehovah Witnesses to name a few, that will not respect the flag by either reciting the pledge of allegiance or standing when it is said. Their faith also forbids and exempts them from military service.

In their beliefs, keeping God in the forefront of their lives requires trusting Him over government and following His Laws according to their faith means not bearing arms, nor killing one another and in respect to the flag, not worshiping an idol.  These are their freedoms.

Freedoms that they feel are theirs, not because they are here in America, but because they are God’s chosen.  Not because the freedoms are defended daily by men and women across the country, but because God is in control; and in America, that is their right.

Does this make them less of an American because they do not do these things and just what does it mean to be a true American. Can you be an American and not defend your country or respect the flag that represents it?

Yes you can, because being an American means so much more.  Many of those whose religion prohibits them from participating in typical American culture are also some of the most giving when a neighbor needs a helping hand or when natural disasters occur and because of their religion, they are excellent workers, bosses and business owners contributing a great deal to the emotional and financial stability of the country.

The fact is that there are many people living in America who are not Americans; who do not share the ideals of our forefathers, who care nothing about the country-just what they can get from it and then there are those who wish to divide and conquer the country.

Our greatest concern as a country should be focused on the last group; those who wish to destroy us from within.  These adversaries come not just with strange philosophies or anti-democratic politics but a religious mindset of domination through terror and intimidation; specifically, the Muslim religion.

Now wait, before you label me a fear monger, you must face the facts of how the Arab nations who practice Islam rule their government and their people as well as how they treat foreigners who come to work or visit their country.

Anyone traveling to an Arab/Muslim country must be versed in what is considered acceptable dress and behavior.  Read 10 Things You Should Know Before Taking a Holiday in Dubai and hopefully, if you follow “the code,” you will stay out of jail during your time there.

Next, examine how the government treats its own citizens; they are known for wearing required clothing, women are treated as property and are considered less worthy than cattle and they are known for having zero tolerance for any other culture or religion.  Meebal has written numerous articles on the religious culture of Islam which can be found easily be typing ‘Muslim’ into the search bar.

When someone from a country with this many restrictions comes to a country like the United States, they are either fleeing from what they consider an oppressive regime, or they are coming here with an agenda and since we have seen both, social media is flooded with posts like the following:


Is this the start of greater things for the Muslim community, they say they will take over the world without a shot fired! They are doing it right in front of our eyes and we are allowing them to forge ahead.

When will a strong voice be heard stopping this garbage once and for all.  Isn’t life strange? I never met one Veteran who enlisted to fight for  Socialism!  86% will send this on.  If Muslims can pray on Madison Avenue, and the  subway areas in Toronto, why are Christians banned from praying in public and from erecting religious displays on their holy days?

What happened to our National Day of Prayer?  Muslims are allowed to block off Madison Ave. in N.Y.C., and pray in the middle of the street!  And, it’s a monthly ritual!

Tell me, again, whose country is this?  Ours or the Muslims?   I was asked to send this on if I agree, or delete if I don’t.

It is said that 86% of Americans & Canadians believe in God.  Therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a problem in the U.S. having ‘In God! We Trust’ on  our money, and having ‘God’ in our Pledge of Allegiance, or the Lord’s prayer said in our schools or public meetings.

I believe it’s time we stand up for what we believe!  If you agree, pass this on; if not  -  delete IT with the rest!!


An emotionally charged post,  inaccurate on many points and is targeted at someone who is already filled with anger or disgust against Muslims since posts like this one can be used to fire them up even further creating more lies and irrational thinking.

What would a proper response to a post like this be; well, mine would be to ask; “Whose America is it?”

We have seen different cultures come to our country and blend in with our way of life, and we have learned from them. Yes, the Muslim religion has come here but they don’t want to blend in, they want to be a force that changes the face of our country to resemble them and their beliefs.

Unlike other cultures and religions that live peaceably, the Muslims have come and taken over pockets of the country and set up their own “mini country” within our country.  They have radicalized many of our young men, saturating the prisons and black communities where there is already a rebellious attitude towards authority.

Should they be stopped or would any action taken be a violation of their freedom?  When it comes down to brass tacks, the freedom enjoyed in America is the freedom to be an American.  If you are a visitor from another country, take in all the culture, sights and sounds that America has to offer and then go home to the place where you practice your religion, eat your country’s food and live according to whatever standards your government has set in place.

If you are an immigrant living in the United States either on a Visa or illegally, you are NOT a citizen and although you are entitled to live freely within the borders of our laws, you are not welcome to begin making your own laws and imposing them upon others.

For those of you who are citizens of the United States and have been raised or converted to any religion or philosophy that is contrary to the way of life here, then may I suggest that you make a new home for yourself among the people in whatever country supports your ideologies.

America, it is time that we enforced our way of life.  It is NOT taking away someone’s freedom to ask them to follow the laws of the land or to respect one another.

If you have any doubts of how the Muslim religion will continue to grow and influence America, do a quick internet search.  There are hundreds of articles and videos from Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom that show clearly what has happened to their countries once they allowed too much free speech and other freedoms to be taken out of context by the Muslim believers.

Now is the time for clear thinking and decisive action; not against Muslims per se, but for the American way of life, to protect the America we love.  It is imperative that we have on the books how much freedom can be granted to any group without compromising American freedom and how it will be enforced.

The ideal punishment would be immediate deportation for non-Americans and for Americans, that they face charges of treason.  This is a serious situation that only grows darker each day and if action is not taken within the next few years, we will experience the downfall of the American lifestyle and the American democracy we have enjoyed for so many years.

One last thought, in case you think this is all over the top.  Would you willingly choose to live in a Muslim country and if not, why would you take the chance that it could happen here?  By putting laws in place to safeguard our freedoms, we would be taking a stand against any opposition, whether it is the Muslims today or some other entity tomorrow.

For the sake of future generations wouldn’t it be prudent to take the necessary steps now, before it is too late?

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