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Benefit Fraudsters Getting Away with Billions of Taxpayer’s Money

Benefit Fraudsters Getting Away with Billions of Taxpayer’s Money

BENEFIT FRAUDSTERS GETTING AWAY WITH BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER’S MONEY – Benefit fraud has been a hot topic these last few days which is not surprising when the Work and Pensions (DWP) Secretary Iain Duncan Smith was recently hauled over the coals after the National Audit Office yet again refused to sign off on the accounts due to a £3.5 billion hole in the balance sheet.

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Of the £3.5 billion £2.5 billion went missing due to clerical errors; yes the overpaid and over staffed DWP managed give away £2.5 billion of taxpayer’s money through a catalogue of mistakes.

A further £1.5 billion was lost through benefit fraudsters being able to simply fool the army of workers at the DWP because nobody really cares about checking the validity of their claims.

Today just 25% of all benefit fraudster ever face a judge and jury despite the vast sums of money stolen; the conclusion can only be one of pure nonchalance and utter incompetency by those at the DWP – yes why bother doing the job you are paid for after all it’s just taxpayer’s money and they’ll be more of it along later.

One of our readers’ yesterday asked us to publish an article on the subject of a recent case whereby £82,000 was stolen and where the public’s opinion was one of adulation; for on this rare occasion the criminal actually got sent to prison.


Sick and Tired of the Benefits Cheats

It was interesting to note that our reader felt no sense of adulation for they rightly pointed out that simply imprisoning benefit fraudsters is not the answer for it only costs the taxpayer even more money… read the article (link above) and see what you think.

According to a recent report some 45,000 benefit fraudsters stole £1.5 billion of our money and yet only 9,836 were ever prosecuted for the crime.  The message here is loud and clear in that it appears acceptable to defraud the taxpayer and certainly crime in certain quarters does pay.

What I would like to see is Iain Duncan Smith and every other government worker at the DWP to work on performance related pay; if such a thing existed it’s most likely they would all end up owing the taxpayer money.

You really do have to stand back and ask yourself what idiots are running the show for it is simply not acceptable to lose such vast sums of public money – nothing can ever justify such incompetence and if the DWP had been a commercial entity it is a foregone conclusion that Iain Duncan Smith would be immediately sacked.

Of course it gets more offensive the closer you look for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) even had the audacity to award MPs an 11% pay rise which only goes further to demonstrate just how little those in power care about public sentiment, let alone their money.

I wonder when the taxpayer will finally stand up and tell Government enough is enough.  It’s about time that all MPs and Ministers worked on ‘minimum wage’ and even at that level, considering their performance, would be an over payment by at least 50%.

We desperately need a change of Government or better yet a whole new political system and one where those in charge are held fully accountable.

If Iain Duncan Smith had any moral fortitude or sense of decency he would publicly resign; unfortunately he, like the rest of the incompetents running the show, have no such qualities.

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