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Benefits Cap and Why it’s Essential for Britain

Benefits Cap and Why it’s Essential for Britain

BENEFITS CAP AND WHY IT’S ESSENTIAL FOR BRITAIN – Yesterday the Work and Pensions Department declared that some 33,000 families were claiming more than £26,000 a year in handouts prior to the £500 a week cap.

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Welfare, regardless of the type, does not produce a productive and prosperous society and when a system of welfare becomes one of ‘entitlement’ as opposed to temporary assistance, as is prevalent in Britain today, the results are nothing short of a financial catastrophe.

Let’s assume that 33,000 families each received £26,000; that alone equates to £858,000,000 of the taxpayer’s money being literally thrown away because such a sum no longer motivates anyone to work.

Take a look at the image below and look carefully at the ‘Debt Interest’ on welfare; yes welfare in the UK is at such a level that it is now costing £48.2 billion annually to service the debt that welfare creates.

Benefit Spending UK

Why?  The answer is clear… Britain is broke and has to borrow money in order to keep it afloat and the loan repayments for welfare alone are crippling Britain.

As you will see in the Daily Mail’s article, there were families claiming a lot more; indeed 150 families were receiving more that £850 a week in welfare payments; that’s £597.60 more than a person working on minimum wage at £6.31 per hour for 40 hours a week.

Surely you can now see why so many people simply do not want to work and why they are now openly attacking the Government for reducing their welfare payments; despite the fact that at £500 a week that’s still almost double what someone working on minimum wage would receive.

There were also 59 families that received a staggering £900 a week which is the equivalent of earning £70,000 annually before tax.

As you are no doubt aware, there is a lot of talk about the residents of James Turner Street, where most of the 137 residence are not only living on welfare but also engage in crime; some even stated on the Channel 4 documentary that they were fiddling their benefits.


Benefits Street: Where is the Justice in James Turner Street?

Such is the society that Britain has become, where people will openly steal from the taxpaying public to ensure they have more than most and don’t have to lift a finger to obtain it.

Take a look that the articles above regarding James Turner Street and note how most live in squalor; you would honestly think that with the amount of money these people are making on the backs of the taxpayer they would at least be able to spend time and money on keeping their homes and the street clean.

The residents of James Turner Street are now not happy about being depicted as lazy scum but that’s exactly what a system of ‘entitlement’ produces.  Ultimately when you do not have to work for what you have there is no appreciation for it and therefore pride, diligence and indeed dignity are simply discarded.

The solution is actually quite simple… insist that the Government reduces welfare to 20% below minimum wage and removes any form of child benefits; if you can’t afford to have kids then learn how to use contraceptives.

Once these people feel the pinch, the idea of minimum wage will certainly look more attractive.  Government in turn could use the savings to boost education, provide a far higher standard of welfare for those clearly in needs, such as the disabled and infirm and reduce the amount of interest on loans needed to keep welfare at the current levels.

We can change society and attitudes but we need to give people a reason. Unless you have been living on a different planet since 2008 you will know that Britain is broke.  Britain now carries far more debt that Greece has or indeed any of the EU member states that have gone bust.

Britain is facing financial Armageddon but it’s likely those living off welfare neither know the true facts or even care, until that is the welfare payments stop because Britain declares bankruptcy.

As we move on in the march of liberalised humanity we will be faced with a decision, and in the very near future… do we continue to care and provide for those who don’t care or do we cut off their cash and make them work like the rest of us in order to stave off Britain ending up in the same predicament as Greece?

We need to make a choice and the longer we delay it the worse it will get; some economists now think that Britain is already past the point of no return, other’s think there’s hope if the British public wakes up.

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