Benefits Cheat Jailed for £38,000 Fraud

Benefits Cheat Jailed for £38,000 Fraud

BENEFITS CHEAT JAILED FOR £38,000 FRAUD - Once again someone has been discovered cheating the UK Welfare System. Shocked? Probably not considering how often these cases come to court, there are literally dozens of them each week, which only enforces my belief that the UK Welfare System is in dire need of a complete overhaul.

Once again someone has been discovered cheating the UK Welfare System. Shocked?

In this particular case, Roberta Packman, 58 claimed to the Department of Work and Pensions that she was unable to walk and was in constant pain.  Due to her statements she received more than £38,000 in Taxpayer handouts.

The Department of Work and Pensions became suspicious of Packman’s claims and decided to investigate the matter, where is transpired that was filmed playing a full round of golf, without any aids or even a golf buggy.

Indeed Packman appeared more than capable of walking the entire 18 holes without the slightest hint of any type of disability – apart from her golf handicap which wasn’t established at the time.

Judge for yourself and see if you think Roberta Packman has any serious ailments that prevented her from walking, by watching this video that was taken by undercover agents for the Department of Work and Pensions.

What is really disturbing about this case is that she fraudulently embezzled £38,000 from the hard working and honest taxpayer and the consequences for such a deceitful act?  Just 28 weeks in prison. That’s just one week in prison for every £1,357 she stole – not a bad little earner if you ask me.  In fact when you look at it closely it’s an extremely good living and the UK Government would have you believe that crime doesn’t pay!  That’s got to be the biggest load of tosh I’ve heard in a long time.

DWP Minister for Welfare Reform, Lord Freud said: ‘It’s cases like this that show us why tough action and welfare reform is so needed.

Great statement by the Minister for Welfare Reform… I wonder how long it took Lord Freud to figure that one out.  Obviously the benches in the House of Lords are way too comfortable because he must have been asleep for the last 20 years or more.

Seriously, what am I doing working for a living.  Surely you must be thinking the same.  I really need to develop some phantom ailment and get myself down to the doctors because scamming the DWP is obviously a nice little earner.  So what if I get caught, I’ll get a nice fat salary of £1,357 a week plus free rent, a nice comfortable bed, three square meals a day, cable TV and all the recreation facilities I could possibly want.  Yes, it does appear to be an ideal way to live – fleece the taxpayer and live the high life.

Maybe I could simply have a few kids like Leanna Broderick and just refuse to work because the state handouts are far more lucrative than having to work to support the kids and myself.

So what is the solution in dealing with these people?  Quite simply you need to stop looking at them as if they were decent people.  These are in fact thieves and they steal from the likes of you and me.  If the decision was mine, here’s what I would implement into law for anyone found cheating the benefits system.

  • Do away with sending them to prison – It’s just costing the taxpayer more to keep them and having a cushy cell with all the mod cons and three meals a day is not exactly fitting punishment.
  • The sentence under law should be a work order.  That is put them to work for the state.  There are plenty of streets that need sweeping.  Yes, pay them, they do need to live, but from that pay, at minimum wage, deducted over time the FULL amount they stole.  If it takes ten or twenty years then so be it.

There you go, it’s not rocket science.  By making them work, they get to pay taxes just like the rest of us.  They also get gainful employment that helps society and more importantly they get to pay back every single penny they stole.

When the politicians and the bleeding liberal heart do gooders finally wake up and see reality we may then finally see a system of justice that is actually just and a real deterrent from this type of crime.

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