Benefits for Drunks and Junkies

Benefits for Drunks and Junkies

Alcoholics and junkies are getting almost half a billion pounds a year in sickness benefits, shock figures reveal.

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has uncovered the true scale of welfare payouts to addicts, despite repeated attempts by Ministers to crack down on Britain’s benefits culture.

It can be revealed today that:

  • More than 75,000 people are signed off work and being paid up to £108 a week in sickness pay – more than jobseekers get – because of conditions related to drink or drug abuse.


  • Thousands of claimants are under 25 and some are still teenagers.


  • The true cost of their habits will be close to £1 billion a year as they are also entitled to help with housing and council tax bills, as well as NHS rehab and detox treatment.


  • One man who lay in bed drinking 12 cans of lager a day won the right to be paid sickness benefit even though health experts said he was simply lazy.

Source: Daily Mail


£500 million a year … just imagine for a moment if that money were redirected into the NHS, our schools or even to help those who not only really need it but also rightly deserve it.

There can be no question that welfare has its place; after all any civilized society would want to take care of the sick and disabled but shouldn’t we draw the line at throwing money at people who simply do not want to work?

I am of course referring to the families that breed uncontrollably and then use such to avoid any type of work by claiming they would be far worse off if in employment.

And then there’s the drunks and junkies … yes too smashed to work but apparently able to drink or inject themselves into a state of unawareness and the taxpayer is forced to cough up.

There are many thousands of hard working people who wouldn’t mind the odd beer or dare I say an Gin and Tonic but their reality is that they simply cannot afford it … yes despite working long hours and often having to put in overtime these people continue to sacrifice the odd little luxury so that some people can sit around all day and do nothing other than feed their habit.

Britain is already heavily in debt; now standing at nearly £1.4 trillion.  Britain’s debt to GDP ratio is approximately 508% … to put this into perspective Greece had a debt to GDP ratio of 267% when its economy finally collapsed bringing home the very true realization that Britain is not immune to the same fate.

Is it not time that the British public stood back and embraced with full vigor welfare reform?  Have we become so self-absorbed that we no long want to even acknowledge the issues at hand?

Benefit Spending UK

It certainly appears that way and what’s worse there are politicians predominantly with the Labour and Liberal Democrat Party that feel we need more welfare not less of it.

The general election is almost upon us and if you must vote you’ll vote for a party that is prepared to say ‘No More Welfare’ and hopefully it’ll stave off Britain’s looming bankruptcy.

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